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Open Source for the greater good

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Hinweis der Redaktion

  • - Warning about myself.

  • - Don’t invest half way.
  • - Don’t invest half way.
  • - Opens up your mind. Brings new ideas, new paradigms.
  • - Woo! a word keynote doesn’t know about!
    - Multiple paths + multiple ideas spontaneously developed create a stigmergy.
    - Even though stigmergy only creates a “seemingly” intelligent group, let’s use the metaphor/example of termite’s nests.
  • - Marco Dorigo 1992
    ACO: Ant Colony Optimization
  • - ACO in action. Relation?
  • - Blitz at the top.
    - Green is the one behind #2
  • - People interact, people solve problems together. Groups develop shared memories (mailing lists, IRC Logs, wikis, bug tracking systems) — distributed collaborative intelligence
    High CiQ: group moderation, small set of rules, creative thinking, strong group, quality control, documentation (memories).
  • - It’s about collaboration but more importantly:
    - Being open: Discuss issues in public
    - Peering: Modify what doesn’t fit. Interact with other developers.
    - Sharing: Ideas, concepts (This is scary for enterprise)
    - Global activity: This is a big world but on the internet, there are not territorial boundaries and there’s a lot of talent and people with great experiences.
  • - Studied what appears to be the Elite and 1% of the healthiest students rather than the actual average people discriminating against crippled, stupid people, etc.
    - Top of the pyramid is (Self-actualisation — the need to solve problems and then “esteem” the need to accomplish something (Self-fulfillment, what others think, being respected by others.) (A kid winning some spelling contest or a sports event)
  • - Talented developers, used to remote working, used to team interaction, used to
  • Developers are the core of the startup, they are the heart, they are the ones spending nights-in making the next awesome feature — treat them with respect — self-growth.

    OSS is like sports. It’s not a job (Well sometimes it is) but for many it’s a hobby, a passion.

  • - It’s not only code. It’s community, experience, comments, bug reports, etc.
  • - Bleh... has to be said.

  • - Think culture, think self-fulfillment, think about your position in the market and think about others.
  • - On this happy note, drinks!