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HR gamification presentation 2017

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My presentation from the HR Gamification Day in Madrid. It is a mish mash of old and new content about what gamification is, why it is great and some simple thoughts on play.... you probably had to be there!

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HR gamification presentation 2017

  1. 1. motivait.net @daverage Gamification, Play and Ninja Monkeys
  2. 2. motivait.net @daverage About Me! • Senior Solution Consultant at Motivait • Been involved in gamification since 2011 • Awarded Greatest Contribution to Gamification 2016 • Co-Author on several peer reviewed papers on gamification player types and mechanics • Wrote Even Ninja Monkeys Like to Play – all about gamification • Web Developer for 15 years • Educational designer • Biomedical scientist… • Gamer, Mediocre Guitarist and Father of 2!
  3. 3. motivait.net @daverage Motivait is an innovative European IT Services Company with a mission to enhance Engagement. © Motivait Holdings Limited 2016
  4. 4. motivait.net @daverage We design specific solutions to achieve specific behavioural outcomes Creative Design Consulting Gamification Technology Communications © Motivait Holdings Limited 2016
  5. 5. motivait.net @daverage Gamification Is Not…
  6. 6. motivait.net @daverage Gamification Is Not… Timothy Saccenti PS3 Game Faces
  7. 7. motivait.net @daverage Gamification Is… The use of game design metaphors to create more game-like and engaging experiences Gamification is the process of improving systems and people's experiences using lessons, techniques, and elements taken from games. You can see it in everything from super market loyalty schemes, to LinkedIn, to insurance, health and wellbeing schemes, and beyond. Done well it can increase engagement, motivation, retention and activity.
  8. 8. motivait.net @daverage Gamification Is…
  9. 9. motivait.net @daverage Thinking about Motivation Trivial / Extrinsic Points Badges Leaderboards Bonuses Emotional / Intrinsic Relatedness Autonomy Mastery Purpose Base Security Health Physiological Needs Gamification is not a replacement for good management, systems or processes!
  10. 10. motivait.net @daverage Examples Bupa Boost Shell ExplorerMarriot Hotel KPMG Fitness Apps / Bands Genes in Space Aviva Drive
  11. 11. motivait.net @daverage Target on Success Exploration Collaboration Competition Feedback Challenge Rewards Progress Narrative Theme
  12. 12. motivait.net @daverage What’s Play Got To Do With It? Chaos Play Control
  13. 13. motivait.net @daverage Unlike Reality Safe Place to Fail Safe Place to Experiment Ideal Place to Learn
  14. 14. motivait.net @daverage Get in Touch gamified.uk motivait.net Thank You! @MotivaitHolding @DaveRage