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Gamification: Lessons from the front line

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A copy of my slides from the Gamification Europe talk I delivered, Lessons from the Front Line. I have also included a YouTube video I did of a version of the talk, in case I was not able to attend in person!

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Gamification: Lessons from the front line

  1. 1. Lessons From the Front Line The story of Dave Told by Andrzej Marczewski @DaveRage
  2. 2. Lessons From the Front Line The story of Dave Told by Andrzej Marczewski @DaveRage
  3. 3. About Me! • Senior Solution Consultant at Motivait • Been involved in gamification since 2011 • Co-Author on several peer reviewed papers on gamification player types and mechanics • Wrote Even Ninja Monkeys Like to play • Web Developer for 15 years • Educational designer • Biomedical scientist… • Gamer, Mediocre Guitarist and Father of 2! • Twitter: @DaveRage
  4. 4. © Motivait Holdings Limited 2017 We are focussed on key sectors where organisations are facing urgent challenges to improve motivation, participation and engagement. Motivait is an innovative European IT Services Company with a mission to enhance Engagement.
  5. 5. @DaveRage
  6. 6. @DaveRage
  7. 7. The stories you are about to hear are all true. Names have been changed to protect the innocent. @DaveRage
  8. 8. @DaveRage
  9. 9. @DaveRage
  10. 10. @DaveRage
  11. 11. #1 Rules (and Rewards) http://thewallpaper.co/hd-cat-wallpapers-bowlslovely-fish-best-friend-samsung-funny-windowscats-goldfish_1920x1200/ @DaveRage
  12. 12. #2 Rewards @DaveRage
  13. 13. #3 Solutioneering http://www.1zoom.me/en/wallpaper/459255/z15023.7/ @DaveRage
  14. 14. @DaveRage
  15. 15. gamified.uk motivait.net @MotivaitHolding @DaveRage