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Social Promotion For Movies Prezo

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Created for MovieSet.com to explore reasons, best practices and campaign strategy for promoting films in production by promoting from green light to red carpet.

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Social Promotion For Movies Prezo

  1. 1. Social Marketing for Movies A Practical Guide By Dave Olson for MovieSet.com
  2. 2. Participatory Marketing Social Media? Keys Participatory Marketing Benefits Results
  3. 3. More than Numbers Unlike ʻtradʼ Trackable Growing Efficient * Fan Base & Culture * Fest/Opening Success * Documentary Archive = Get to do it all over again
  4. 4. Preparing Content Publish Early + Publish Often = Engaged Fans videos, stills, blog articles, news, links ...
  5. 5. Video Tips Schedule Theme Crew Fill Rolling Describe!
  6. 6. Stills Tips Production stills + Snapshots Label & Describe
  7. 7. Blog Tips Break it up Specific Headline Tag it up Share
  8. 8. News & Links News Alerts Publicity Archive Add Photos Acknowledge
  9. 9. Search Optimizing SEO Google-juice / PR Ahead of IMDb & Wikipedia - hurrah! Recipe: Content + Links + Code + Time
  10. 10. Search Optimizing Title URL Headers Link anchors Anchor titles
  11. 11. Building Vocabulary * Build Funnels * Helps Discovery * Relevant-ish ONLY * Include Misspellings
  12. 12. Target Audience * Age Range * Gender * Similar movies * Based on a true story/ another medium * Primary and Secondary Genre * One line description * Product Placement opportunities * and importantly, tags
  13. 13. Crew/Cast/Phase Set-up Register for a Lot Pass to: * Give access to tools * Become first fans Fill in Phases to: * Forward motion * Shooting schedule
  14. 14. Trends Spotting Find out which actor in your movie is trending and why ~ publish accordingly.
  15. 15. Promotion Tactics 1) Micro Updates - backchannel convo 2) Build Links IMDb, fan sites, studio sites, production company site 3) Submit Socially Toolbox: Twitter Digg StumbleUpon Reddit
  16. 16. Conversation Create Fans Comments Guest Remember: Authenticity
  17. 17. Competitions and Contests Involve: video, quote, photo, song Prizes from set (or on-set) Acknowledge
  18. 18. Campaign Planning Objectives * Create Awareness * Generate Interest * Create Archive Tasks * Build Story * Invite * Measure
  19. 19. Assembling Kick off meeting Producer Production Coord. Asst. Director EPK cameraman Stills photographer Unit Publicist Inform Cast and Crew Early
  20. 20. Measuring Search Results Engagement • Fans • Comments • Video Views • Re-Tweets • Twitter messages • Facebook messages • Digg/Stumble submissions • Social bookmarks • Blog mentions/links Analytics
  21. 21. More Help Production Tools Social Mktg Services http://corporate.movieset.com/tour http://corporate.movieset.com/services movieset.com blog.movieset.com Twitter @movieset
  22. 22. Resources Toolbox: Glossary: Twitter Google Alerts Facebook Google Juice MySpace Web 2.0 YouTube Social media Flickr Social networking IMDb SEO/SEM Wikipedia RSS Hootsuite Blogs Netvibes Video-blogs/Vlogs Podcasts
  23. 23. Get the Guide Social Promotion for Movies A Practical Guide http://corporate.movieset.com/blog Get it & Share it By Dave Olson for MovieSet.com