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Customer Relationship M a n a g e m e n t   DataCRM
                                                Care Sure

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Customer Relationship M a n a g e m e n t
DataCRM Module's
                                                                           Customer Support Helpdesk
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Customer relationship management (CRM)

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C:\fakepath\data crm

  1. 1. Customer Relationship M a n a g e m e n t DataCRM Care Sure Ta k i n g control o f y o ur Bus ines s Sales, Marketing & Helpdesk
  2. 2. Customer Relationship M a n a g e m e n t DataCRM is ideal for any organization that wants to enhance customer satisfaction and increase sales. Sales, Marketing & DataCRM is a Client Relationship Management (CRM) solution that can be use by private and public Sales & Marketing Module sector companies to manage the relationship with their Benefits clients, public, sales leads, suppliers and employees. • 360-degree view of customer from support to sales. DataCRM has a database of all your business contacts • Manage sales leads, opportunities and sales pipeline. from employees, clients, suppliers and sales leads so • Create professional sales orders, purchase orders and everybody’s contact details are to hand. This invoices. allows you to promote your latest offerings and cross-sell • Cross-sell and Up-Sell additional products and and up-sell more products and services to your existing services. customers. For public sector businesses it gives you a view • Improves marketing campaign response rates. of all the interactions with your clients including audit • Full Sales Force Automation (SFA) module. trails. DataCRM & who can use it? Support Module Benefits Any company or non-profit public sector organisation that • Support Resolve customer support issues quickly with would like to enhance office efficiency and take advantage trouble tickets. of streamlining common office task with workflow and • Reduces callback and response times to enhance improve customer loyalty. DataCRM is especially useful customer loyalty. for product & service industries, help desks, call-centres, • Improves service levels and reduces support staff public sector departments and institutions.The DataCRM workload. administrator can customise all the program settings • Enhancing customer service reduces the customer without any additional programming or special training. churn or turnover rate. E.g. add extra fields for contact record that are specific to • Built in FAQ knowledgebase for frequent questions. your business: Sample custom fields that can be added to a contact record: … EBay Username … Skype VoIP handle … Email Address #2
  3. 3. DataCRM Module's Customer Support Helpdesk * Central database for all company contacts. * 360-degree view of customer from support to sales. Helpdesk * Track support issues with trouble tickets. * Reduces call back and response times to enhance customer loyalty. * Enhancing customer service reduces the customer churn or turnover rate. * Creates an FAQ knowledgebase to resolve common issues quickly. DataCRM Customer Growth * Collaborate with colleagues using workflow E.g. Open, Closed, Escalated etc. 100 * Manages Service Level Agreements (SLA). DataCRM has helped the best-run companies in more than 25 industries Sales & Marketing 80 make the most of their relationships * Lead Management. with customers. DataCRM, your 60 organization can capitalize on * Opportunity Management. 40 customer insight, improve front- * Account Management. line efficiency and effectiveness, 20 streamline critical business processes * Create Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and across customer touch points, and Invoices. 10 quickly adapt to changing business * Daily activity management with reminders for 2004 2005 2006 2007 and customer needs. follow up actions. * Sales Pipleline/Funnel Reports. * Marketing Campaign Management. DataCRM & Technical Features. * Product catalogue with unit prices. * Email newsletters and mail merge for direct mailing campaigns. § Web Based Application for multiple users. § MS-Access,SQL Server or MySQl * Prevents sales leads failing through the cracks. database. § Import existing contacts from any data * Cross-sell and up-sell more products to your existing customers. source, ODBC, CSV file and MS Outlook. § Custom fields available for tailoring to * Sales people close more sales with DataCRM. specific needs.
  4. 4. DataCRM license purchase we provide free FTP installation support (through online) and Software up gradation up to six months. Commitment to our clients We are committed towards achieving high levels of customer satisfaction by ensuring quality, cost effective and timely solutions. It would be our endeavor to achieve this with technical, financial, business and moral excellence. . We are flexible, helpful and always put customer satisfaction on the top priority. Our work and our commitment to our clients have earned us an impressive client portfolio and a reputation to be proud of. We place a firm focus on maintaining a true partnership with our clients that enables us to transform their business ideas & concepts into reality. Our client's satisfaction is our dedication. Our goal is not only to offer our customers the best e-solutions, but also to build an enduring and lasting relationship by helping them develop and evolve their business on the Internet. DataCRM Managing your business leads smartly Care Sure D ata Tech # 1 , S i v a Comp lex,B ishop R oad, P u t h u r, Trich y-620017, (T N ) INDIA ( 9 1 ) 4 3 1 - 2743328 ( 9 1 ) 4 3 1 - 2773328 fax w w w. d a t a -tech .in