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7 keys to open doors at Morgan Stanley

7 keys to open doors at Morgan Stanley. For sellers and marketers looking for account insights to help start new discussions with new decision makers.

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7 keys to open doors at Morgan Stanley

  1. 1.  Morgan Stanley Wealth Management will be using Box Platform, Box KeySafe and Box Governance to provide an encrypted vault to facilitate sharing of documents like wills, deeds, estate plans, financial statements and tax filings with financial advisors.  The cloud-based solution supports two-way sharing and can be accessed through Morgan Stanley Online and the firm’s mobile app. Documents can be uploaded via those same platforms and notifications will be pushed to both clients and advisors. Advisors or clients can comment on uploaded documents, increasing their value as tools of communication. Morgan Stanley partners with Box
  2. 2.  Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital has sold cloud document management firm DocuWare to Japan’s Ricoh for an undisclosed sum.  Headquartered in Germany and the US, DocuWare is said to currently provide document management and workflow automation software to over 12,000 customers in more than 90 countries.  Morgan Stanley was DocuWare’s first private equity investor, and since that investment the company’s business scale is said to have tripled, partly through the acquisition of competitor Westbrook Technologies, a Connecticut, US-based provider of content services software. Morgan Stanley Expansion Capital sells DocuWare
  3. 3.  Morgan Stanley has set up a Data Center of Excellence to help address the ongoing deluge and complexity of enterprise data and to help develop artificial intelligence applications that rely on high-quality data.  “The reason we have the Center of Excellence is we want to continue to build on AI, and we understand this is one of the foundational areas that is needed,” said Katherine Wetmur, Head of Quality Assurance and Production Management, who is transitioning into the role of international Chief Information Officer. Morgan Stanley Center of Excellence Readies Bank for AI’s Data Demands
  4. 4.  Mr. Kelleher, who joined Morgan Stanley in 1989, is older than Chief Executive James Gorman and wasn’t considered a candidate to succeed him. As the firm’s president, he has overseen its restructuring from an undisciplined and error-prone investment bank to a more stable financial- services giant. Morgan Stanley’s second-in-command, Colm Kelleher, is retiring
  5. 5.  Morgan Stanley has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Solium Capital Inc. (TSX: SUM) (“Solium”), a leading global provider of software-as-a-service (SaaS) for equity administration, financial reporting and compliance. With this acquisition, Morgan Stanley is positioned to be an industry leader in Workplace Wealth Solutions, bringing together a major stock plan administration platform with a leading Wealth Management business.  Solium’s 3,000 stock plan clients, with one million participants, include Instacart, Levi Strauss, Shopify and Stripe and a range of fast growing private companies, as well as newly public companies. Morgan Stanley to Acquire Solium
  6. 6.  McCord will join the bank as a managing director in its Data Center of Excellence, a group that works with the bank’s businesses to boost data innovation, security and efficiency.  Based in London, McCord will help define principles and procedures for Morgan Stanley to manage its data and work on the creation and implementation a new firm-wide data policy, the memo said. Morgan Stanley hires financial technology executive Liezel McCord
  7. 7.  Headquartered in Madison, CT, Clarity is a data and technology driven provider of member communication solutions for health insurance payors, third party administrators (“TPAs”), and dental insurance companies.  Steve Rodgers, Managing Director of Morgan Stanley Capital Partners, said, “We are excited to partner with Clarity and its talented management team. The company has developed an innovative product that addresses the complex process of member communications for today’s healthcare organizations and we look forward to working together to build on this growth.” Morgan Stanley Capital Partners Completes Investment in Clarity Software Solutions
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