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7 keys to open doors at Cigna

7 keys to open doors at Cigna. For sellers and marketers looking for account insights to start new discussions with new decision makers at Cigna.

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7 keys to open doors at Cigna

  1. 1.  Reports Cigna may be looking to divest its group benefits business comes as rivals are spending billions of dollars to expand their medical care provider operations.  Reuters Tuesday reported Cigna has hired an investment bank to shop the group benefits business, saying it could be valued at up to $6 billion. Cigna's group benefits operations include life insurance and disability benefits, which are businesses other big health insurance companies have already unloaded in recent years to free up cash for mergers and acquisitions. Cigna May Divest Group Life Business To Keep Up With Rivals Buying Providers
  2. 2.  How did the companies combine so quickly?  Among the change agents was the Chief Technology Officer of Express Scripts Phil Finucane. He has a killer combination of skills in his toolkit, having been an engineer and technology leader at digital native companies such as Zynga and Yahoo! while also working at another acquisitive behemoth, American Express, prior to Express Scripts. As such, he has an unusual ability to draw from the strengths of each environment. A View From Inside Cigna's $67 Billion Acquisition Of Express Scripts
  3. 3.  Pharmacy benefit manager Express Scripts is launching a digital health formulary next year: a list of digital health tools, including smartphone apps and software-enabled medical devices, to help patients manage their health.  Express Scripts clients will still be able to choose which digital tools they provide for their members. Express Scripts plans formulary for apps, medical devices
  4. 4.  Cigna and CHRISTUS Health have reached an agreement that keeps CHRISTUS doctors, hospitals and other facilities in Cigna's commercial network in Texas and Louisiana.  “We are pleased to reach a new agreement with CHRISTUS Health that continues to provide our customers affordable access to CHRISTUS facilities,” said LaMonte Thomas, President of Cigna North Texas. “This is very good news for the people we serve. We welcome CHRISTUS Health back to our network.” Cigna and CHRISTUS Health Agreement
  5. 5.  Cigna’s CEO privately expressed regret about signing on to a deal that left him with a reduced role, said lawyers for Anthem.  Cigna shareholders were slated to get nearly a 30 percent premium for their stock in Anthem’s $48.9 billion buyout. But David Cordani, Cigna’s chief executive officer, lost out to Anthem CEO Joseph Swedish in a corporate duel over who would lead the combined company, set to be the largest health insurer by membership in the U.S. Cigna’s CEO Expressed Regret About the Anthem Merger That Later Failed
  6. 6.  Cigna Ventures, Cigna's corporate venture fund, led a $23 million Series D fundraising round in GNS Healthcare, a precision medicine company with an AI platform that turns millions of data streams into personalized insights to precisely match the appropriate treatment intervention to the right patient at the right time.  Cigna Ventures is actively focused on identifying, assessing and sponsoring early-stage innovative companies that warrant deeper exploration through focused proofs of concept, pilot, and scaled launches in three core areas:  Insights and Analytics  Digital Health and Retail  Care Delivery/Management Cigna Leverages AI
  7. 7.  IBM’s health utility network includes Aetna, Anthem, Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC), and PNC Bank. And announced at THINK 2019, IBM’s annual conference focused on technology and business, Cigna and Sentara Healthcare have now joined the health utility network.  “Cigna sees enormous potential for blockchain to improve the way we harness insights across the healthcare ecosystem to better serve our customers and communities,” said Mark Boxer, Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Cigna. Cigna And Sentara Healthcare Join IBM's Blockchain Health Utility Network To Improve Data Sharing
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