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JFCS Inspiration and Concepts

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First round of concept, inspiration and designs for Jewish Family and Child Services website redesign.

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JFCS Inspiration and Concepts

  1. 1. Jewish Family and Children’s Services Design Inspiration and Direction
  2. 2. Insights
  3. 3. Their mission is to improve the quality of life of individuals and families in the Jewish and general communities by providing psychological, employment and social services.
  4. 4. They do this through their holistic approach to healing.
  5. 5. They are helping people through their lifecycle transitions and crisis.
  6. 6. Site Objectives
  7. 7. Increase client referrals and increase donation and volunteerism. Differentiate their JF&CS brand from divisional brands while creating a consistent and logical connection between them. Excel at communicating to potential clients, workshop registrants and financial donors.
  8. 8. A key focus for this site is to clearly brand the agency and the sub-divisions. By utilizing the idea of freedom within a framework we can create a system that has an overarching brand unity while emphasizing the unique characteristics of each sub-brand.
  9. 9. Framework Examples Consistency through shapes and color.
  10. 10. Framework Examples Consistency is created through the use of a consistent design template.
  11. 11. Framework Examples Consistency is achieved through illustration and photography style.
  12. 12. Framework Examples Consistency is achieved through illustration.
  13. 13. Design (Gestalt) Concepts
  14. 14. Clean Layout Concept Open and fresh. Use some photos. Keep things clean. The information, buttons and links are explicitly clear and readily available. The site will have a purity and cleanliness representing the families and community that have achieved their goals through the help of JFCS.
  15. 15. Inspiration
  16. 16. Inspiration
  17. 17. Inspiration
  18. 18. Photo Heavy Concept Using lots of photography will allow the users to connect and identify with the organization. We can show people who have been helped by the center and have made their way through their hardships and are living well on the other side.
  19. 19. Photo Heavy Concept
  20. 20. Photo Heavy Concept
  21. 21. Photo Heavy Concept
  22. 22. Photo Heavy Concept
  23. 23. Inspirational Concept By using more abstract images and design techniques we allow the users the opportunity to envision their own future.
  24. 24. Inspirational Concept
  25. 25. Inspirational Concept
  26. 26. Inspirational Concept
  27. 27. Use hands to represent the different brands. Psychological Services Squirrel Hill Food Pantry Career Development Center The Family Hope Connection
  28. 28. Color Systems
  29. 29. Design Executions
  30. 30. Option 1
  31. 31. Interaction Happens on Rollover Explain Hands BG Images
  32. 32. Colors Match Sections
  33. 33. Colors Match Sections
  34. 34. Option 2
  35. 35. Option 2 Nav Flash Slide Show Explain Lifestyle BG Images
  36. 36. Option 2 Nav Flash Slide Show
  37. 37. Option 2 Nav Flash Slide Show
  38. 38. Option 3 make bg color tan. add some design elements from the logo set home page image and then other services try background texture
  39. 39. Option 3 Flash Slide Show
  40. 40. Option 3 Link to Section Page
  41. 41. Option 3 Nav Flash Slide Show
  42. 42. Option 3 shrink testimonials add something to the left rail shorted staff highlight figure out vertical spacing
  43. 43. Option 3
  44. 44. Jewish Family and Children’s Services Design Inspiration and Direction