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Conversation by Design


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Conversation by Design

  1. And twittering too +
  2. let’s start here.
  3. you are unique.
  4. is your blog?
  5. A unique blog is more likely to succeed… Reason # 5 (why readers unsubscribe) Too many posts that I see elsewhere (Redundant, Repeated or Recycled News) ~Source: Pro Blogger, 34 reasons why readers unsubscribe from your blog
  6. gap Success = narrowing the A great blog experience combines excellent content with conversation + stimulation. At the end of the day, it should connect curator with community. you
  7. blogs + brands
  8. you want to be? What kind of brand would
  9. How about these…
  10. do you have blog brand?
  11. Are you blogging or representing your personal brand? + +
  12. how to design a better blog experience.
  13. The 4C’s of blogging
  14. Community Invest Your community will only be as good as the amount of effort you put into cultivating one. Get involved. Listen It’s not about responding to every single comment—but it is about listening and facilitating. Cultivate Give your community something to think about. Ask their opinions. Don’t provide all of the answers—let them fill in the blanks.
  15. Example: including your community
  16. Consistency Find Don’t know if you’ve “found your voice”? Then you haven’t. You’ll know the moment you do. And when it happens—speak up. Write Talk about the things you care about. Be true to yourself. Experiment The Beatles experimented and evolved, yet they were still the one and only Beatles. Experiment—just do it consistently.
  17. Example: sometimes industry, sometimes life sometimes… and other times… Whatever the topic—the voice should be consistent
  18. Clarity See You need to “see” where you want to go even if you don’t know how to get there. Having a definitive vision is everything. Communicate Your communication and conversation should be clear and articulate. Rambling doesn’t make for good conversation. Vision visionary Don’t let the word vision scare you off. It doesn’t mean you need to be a genius—you just need to keep your eyes on the road.
  19. Example: clarity combines vision with agility “Logic+Emotion exists at the intersection of Marketing, Brand Engagement + Experience Design—where passive consumers become active participants.”
  20. Content Frame Your content will be as unique as the way you frame it. Don’t just report—have opinions and seek the opinions of others. Share People are hungry for knowledge and “know-how”. If you know something, share it. Serve Make no mistake. You are in the service industry. If your content offers no value—neither do you.
  21. Example: aggregating content
  22. one more thing…
  23. Stop calling yourself a blogger
  24. People aren’t. Bloggers are one-dimensional.
  25. Find your passion
  26. let your passion shape your blog
  27. My passion for design helps me create a unique blog experience Design isn’t just about making something pretty. Design is about creative problem solving. Everything is designed. Marketers need design. Marketers need good design. Good design doesn’t always need marketing.
  28. You Passion Conversation Relationships Affinity Don’t be a blogger—be a conversation architect
  29. Dialogue is fueling the “conversation economy”
  30. and affinity keeps people coming back
  31. People will talk about a unique blog experience. And come back for more.
  32. …because good experiences make people happy. Credit: Adrian Lai
  33. sound familiar?
  34. Let’s talk.