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"I live for my job!" - Military 1.1

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The first chapter of my new "I live for my job" - challenge legacy. For more information visit boolprop.com.

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"I live for my job!" - Military 1.1

  1. 1. Hello, dear reader. You probably wonder who I am.My name is Getta Jobson and this is the blog where I will tell you the story ofmy life.You may be wondering why Im all by myself, standing in front of an emptyfield. The story behind that can actually be told very quickly.As you can see Im what people call a Face 1. With the added recessive redhair and green eyes and some freckles to top it off I was considered a verypretty sim right from the day I was born. My parents, realizing the potentialof my look, tried to mold me into their perfect little model.
  2. 2. I hated it. I love being around people and talking to them, but everyone alwaysjust saw my pretty face and nothing more. So when I finally turned 18 and waslegally free I left to make my own fortune.They werent happy that I ruined their dreams of a famous daughter andgetting rich, so they made sure that I had no access to the money I earned bymodelling, believing that I would give up once I realized what being poor meant.But I dont care. Luxury is nothing I require. I want to do somethinghonorable, something where my looks dont matter. The military seemed like agood place to start, so I cut my hair and applied at the recruiting agency.
  3. 3. My house, if you want to call it that, is really just a windy shack equiped withthe bare necessities. But it will suffice for the time being. I dont want toprove my parents right after all.And on the bright side the town even allowed me to install a targeting range,so I can get some practice while I wait for the military to accept me in theirfold.
  4. 4. I unfortunately didnt have enough money to invest in some upscale trainingequipment to get myself fit, but fortunately I at least have my jump rope. Itshould be sufficient to keep me in shape and once I have a job I willprobably be able to afford something better.
  5. 5. I regularly check the Simnational armys homepage for this monthsrecruiting list. But so far they havent announced anything. I really hopethat I passed their test and will be accepted, otherwise I will have to thinkof something new to do with my life.
  6. 6. Since Im still very new in town the local residents often come over to greetme. Usually I am very happy to meet new people, but the characters thatvisited me today looked very peculiar. I think two of them might be membersof a street gang or maybe even a revolutionary group. Since my first duty isalways to my country I will keep a close eye on them for now, maybe evenbefriend them to get a better impression of who they are.
  7. 7. I tried to get more information on my two shady visitors from the only normallooking member of the group, but he couldnt tell me much. He obviously hadonly recently met them himself and the only thing he knew was that they werepart of a very exclusive social group.
  8. 8. I was very surprised when one of my visitors, although I barely know them,gave me this flatscreen tv. But once I turned it on my suspicions wereconfirmed.This is no ordinary tv of course. It only has one program which consists ofsome kind of cult leader, I assume, talking about his visions. I have not yetdetermined what he is trying to accomplish, but I will find out.
  9. 9. The next morning I got up at my usual time right before dawn and got righton my computer. I wanted to check simipedia for information about the localgroup. But before I did that I couldnt quite resist checking the Simnationalarmy recruiting announcements again.My eyes scanned the page again and again before I finally believed it andwhooped. I had been accepted. My letter would probably arrive sometimelater today and soon my training courses would start.My happiness made me forget all about the strange social group for themoment.
  10. 10. And there it was. The official document that would change my life. But ithadnt come alone. There was also a letter by my parents, that quitegenerously offered to take me back home if only I came back to my sensesand started modelling again. Shaking my head I threw the letter away. Thispart of my life was over forever.
  11. 11. I think I have finally found proof of the hypnotic qualities of the tv the socialgroup left me. This poor unsuspecting fellow walked by and curious as mostpeople are decided that since the tv is sitting in my unfenced backyard hecould just watch it. A mere 5 minutes and he was totally enthralled.I am very glad that Im seemingly of a stronger mind and havent fallen preyto this.
  12. 12. Fortunately I was able to save the poor fellow by turning off the tvimmediately. I think he is ok, although he seemed a little dazed when he left.As an additional safety measure I will hide the tv remote under my bed,ensuring that no one who isnt supposed to watch the tv will be able to.
  13. 13. Just a few hours later I was cooking dinner, when my stove suddenly andwithout any other possible reason than sabotage caught on fire. This seems anawful convenient coincidence considering what I discovered about the socialgroup. I do not have proof of course, but I think I saw one of them sneakingaway amongst the chaos that the fire brigades arrival brought.Fortunately I wasnt hurt, but my dinner was beyond being salvagable.
  14. 14. If anyone still doubted my theory they should be convinced now. The sinkstarted acting up just a few hours after the stove had been sabotaged. Im soglad that my army training camp will start soon and I will finally have someoneto talk to about my worries. This is a matter of simnational security after all.
  15. 15. Very early the next morning the military academy sent over a car to take meaway to the secret location of my training course. I would very much like toknow where we are going, but fresh recruits never get to know where thecompound is. A very sensible safety measure in my opinion.
  16. 16. I have to say the weeks I spend at the training facility were the mostproductive in my entire life. Crawling through the mud and marching till myfeet almost bled simply feels more natural than the catwalk to me. I know nowthat I truly made the right decision.Since I was the best in my class I also got a promotion, becoming part of avery special unit.Even though my life is starting to get good I am still worried about the secretgroup, but I still have too little information to go to my higher-ups.
  17. 17. Encouraged by the training I had received I decided to go to the most directsource of information I had and contact one from the social group. We didnthave any training on interrogation techniques, but I am reasonable sure that ifit comes to the worst threatening him with my axes will work perfectly. WhileI waited for his arrival I did a few more training throws, reassuring myselfthat I was capable of defending myself.
  18. 18. It turned out to be easier than I had originally believed. Threatening him withmy fists was enough to make him promise me to tell me everything he knew,everything I might want to know. Finally my many questions would be answered.Thats what I thought at least.
  19. 19. "What do you mean by youre only paid muscle?" I couldnt quite believe whatClem, that was the guys name as I had found out in the meantime, told me."I mean exactly what I said. Betty and me are members of a local biker gangcalled Social group. I dont know who hired us, but they paid us a nice sum tosabotage your things. And the guy on the tv was just one of those showpreachers. It must have gotten stuck on the religion channel when wesabotaged it."
  20. 20. Once we were done talking Clem hugged me and whispered in my ear. "I knowhow hard it can be to start over in a new town. Especially when one obviouslyhas enemies like you do. If you need anything just call. The Social group isnot your enemy."I was so grateful and actually very glad that I had never told my suspicions tomy higher-ups. "Thanks for being honest and clearing things up.""Im glad I did. Ill see if I can contact my former employers again and findout who they are."I actually do have a nagging suspicion...
  21. 21. Even if it truly were my parents, who were behind this attempt at sabotagingmy fresh start, like I suspected, they were very far from being sucessfull. Iwas quickly climbing the military ranks, now even earning enough to not have toconstantly worry about how I would pay my bills. Not enough to build a realhouse yet, but I would get there eventually.
  22. 22. Having cleared things up with Clem it had been so easy to assume thateverything would go smoothly now. But there were seemingly a couple things hehad forgotten to mention. Or could there be another reason things still keptbreaking?
  23. 23. Well, if they really think that they can make me give up by getting people tosabotage my stuff every time Im at work I have to say that I feel reallysorry for them. If I truly were the model they had wanted me to be I wouldprobably complain about my broken nails now, but Im not. Instead I relishevery chance I get to better my mechanical skills. Maybe I will be able torepair tanks one day.
  24. 24. The first year in my new life passed very quickly. Summer turning into autumnand autumn into winter. I was too occupied with training courses and newrecruits to ever really think about all that had happened so far. But oncechristmas commercials startet to pop up everywhere and even the hardestmilitary men could sometimes be found secretly whistling a christmal carolunder their breath I started getting a little reminiscent.Since their plan with Clem had failed my parents had not tried anything ofsubstance again. A broken appliance here or there, but that could also havebeen chance. Should I try to call them and fix our broken relationship? I reallydont know.
  25. 25. Since I wasnt sure I hesitated. Frequently checking my mailbox instead. Backwhen I still modeled and was away for some shooting over the christmas daymy mother would always send me at least one postcard to wish me a MerryChristmas. Maybe I was delusional to believe that they would see that theyhad wronged me and not the other way around.
  26. 26. I waited and waited and waited, but their card never came. It was christmaseve when I was finally done waiting and decided to call them."Hello...Mom? Its your daugh..." I didnt even get to finish my timid greetingby the time she interrupted me."I dont have a daughter at the moment. I will have one again when she stopsthis folley of working a mans job and returns to what she was really made for.Being a model."My hopes were smashed in an instant, replaced by anger. They hadnt changedat all. "Then youll never have a daughter again." With these words I ended thecall.
  27. 27. As soon as I had slammed the receiver down I collapsed on the cold, lighlyfrozen grass, feeling more lonely than ever before. Looking back on it now Iwas very lucky that it was an exceptionally mild december. It did snow a fewtimes, but never enough to really cover the ground, otherwise I would haveprobably given up on my dreams and frozen to death.I almost did. Give up my dreams, I mean. But while I sat there asking myself ifI was really more happy now, than I had been before, a twinkling falling starmade its way over the sky. It was childish really but I smiled and made a wish.
  28. 28. It is probably childish to believe that the falling star had anything to do withit, but my life suddenly seemed to go so much easier, things seemed to justwant to happen in my favor all the time. I honestly would have been happyenough with being promoted to a higher rank, recognized for my excellenttactical abilities rather than my pretty eyes. But when my commanding officertold me that he knew someone who would build me an affordable house thatwas a lot better than the shack I still lived in who was I to say no?
  29. 29. It is more flash than substance really. Maybe I should have just told him thateven though his plan was beautiful it would leave we with no money to buyfurniture, but the moment he showed me the training course he had plannedfor the backyard my brain stopped functioning and my heart took over.Oh well. I do already own a bed, a fridge and a toilet. Everything else is justluxury anyway.
  30. 30. A little while later I was talking to one of my many, many male friends that Ihad managed to aquire since my arrival in this town. In the beginning I hadsuspected that they only wanted to befriend me because I was pretty, butthat suspicion turned out to be wrong. He opened my eyes for something I hadnot really thought about so far."Getta, there is something I dont understand. You have been promoted to agood position, have this house now...when are you going to start a family likeevery sim wants to?"
  31. 31. Maybe it was due to the bad relationship with my parents, but having a familyof my own had never occured to me. All I had wanted to do in the beginningwas get out of my old life. But now that my talk with Phil had opened my mindto the possibility of having a husband and children I was suddenly unable toignore it. Wherever I went, whatever book I read, I found loving couples andfamilies everywhere. And I wanted the same.
  32. 32. Being a girl of action I decided to do something about my loneliness. The nextday was my day off anyway, so it was the perfect opportunity to finally meetsomeone I could fall in love with. After my army issued energy drink in themorning I felt perfect and ready to go on the hunt.
  33. 33. My destination was quickly found, even though I had never been there before.The Downtown Pokerclub, although open to everyone, was mostly frequentedby military personnel. Or so I had been able to gather from all mysubordinates talking. It was still a little early in the day, so there werent toomany people there. But smoke still hung in the air thinkly, stinging my eyes andthreatening to make me go into a coughing fit. Maybe this wasnt the rightplace for me.
  34. 34. I quickly retreated, glad when I was finally outside and getting fresh air intomy lungs again. While I still enjoyed my breaths of fresh air the rain that hadbeen threatening to fall since this morning actually started. Unwilling to goback into the smoky den I had just left, I found shelter under a largeoverhanging roof.And thats where he entered my life.
  35. 35. I dont think Raymond had planned on talking to me, he had just been seekingshelter from the rain, just like me. But since I hate to just stand next tosomeone without talking to them I introduced myself to him. And then we justtalked...for hours and hours, not even noticing how quickly time passed. He toldme that he had actually seen me at the base before, but never dared toapproach me, because he had assumed that a beautiful girl like me would neverbe interested in him. I told him that he was a fool. Because even if his nose isa little crooked, which it is since he broke it three times during combatoperations, he is still the nicest man I have ever met.
  36. 36. When we finally noticed that it had already gotten dark I hugged him good-bye and told him that I wanted to see him again. He promised me to come andvisit me the next day.I have no idea if he feels about me like I do about him, but I can honestly saythat I have a real crush on him.
  37. 37. I was so overjoyed when Raymond finally turned up on my doorstep that,without thinking too much about it, I simply rushed over to him and gave him akiss. Realizing what I had done I wanted to apologize as soon as our lips parted,but he just smiled at me with that very sweet smile of his, not looking mad atall.
  38. 38. The next weeks went by in a blur of happiness. Raymond and me were simplyperfect together.
  39. 39. We had epic pillow fights...
  40. 40. ...and even trained together, always motivating each other to do our very best.
  41. 41. But the most important thing was that we were simply completely in love witheach other. With Raymond there I did not think about my past anymore, I didnot have to think about those moments of absolute loneliness I had sufferedthrough after having severed all ties with my parents, who finally seemed tohave given up on sabotaging my life.
  42. 42. So it was really only a matter of time until Ray moved in with me.
  43. 43. Our life was going perfectly. With our combined funds we had managed tomake over the house, making it feel more like a home than just a house I livedat. Both our careers were going good too, my promotion to general looming justover the horizon.And when Ray proposed to me one fine sunday afternoon, after having actedquite secretive over a couple of days, what could I have said but yes?
  44. 44. We didnt want to rush the marriage though, deciding to wait until I had beenpromoted to general before tying the knot.A few weeks after Ray had asked me to marry him I came home, rushing intothe house to tell him the good news that I had finally been promoted and wecould get married.
  45. 45. But instead of telling him my good news I found him talking on the phone,looking quite shocked."Yes, sir." "Yes, of course I understand, Sir." "Its an honor, Sir."He didnt even have to tell me what the call had been about. The fact thatSimnation would soon deploy troops to a far away country that was currentlybordering on a civil war was no secret in headquarters.
  46. 46. Knowing how quickly fate could end someones happiness if a loved one wassent into battle, Raymond and me decided to get married before he left.There was no time to organize a fancy party, so instead of trying we decidedto get married down at the park and one of the old trees there.
  47. 47. It may not have been the huge dream wedding that most girls imagine, but itcouldnt have been more perfect for us.
  48. 48. We promised each other forever under the long hanging branches of a willowtree, knowing that it might not come to pass.
  49. 49. It was a few days after our marriage and wedding night that I was sick in themorning for the first time. I instantly suspected that I might be pregnant. Butit was the day of Raymonds departure and I didnt want him worrying about apossible unborn child while he was out risking his life. So I kept silent about it.
  50. 50. Weather never cares about peoples woes, because the day my husband leftfor an uncertain future was far too sunny and bright.
  51. 51. It wasnt long until my suspected pregnancy started to show. I still hadnt toldRay about it, there simply hadnt been the right time to do it. The country hewas in was not just bordering on a civil war anymore, the two powerhungrypolitical sides had started the fighting for real. Ray and the rest of the troopswere so immensed in the fighting that he barely found time to call. And thefew times he did I just never found the perfect moment.
  52. 52. During my whole pregnancy I tried everything to distract me from myhusbands absence, but I couldnt help myself, I absolutely had to watch thenews every evening. And each day I would anxiously wait for the speaker toannounce that the civil war was coming to an end or at least that no moresoldiers had died.
  53. 53. It was one of the last days of autumn, when I happily answered the phone,having just come home from the doctor, who had confirmed my unborn babyshealth. Ray hadnt called the last few days, so I expected it to be him.But it wasnt. Instead it was a cold, clinical voice, shattering my happiness withjust a few words.To be continued...