How to attract an ideal stream of customers

Customer Centric Marketing Consultant um MacInnis Marketing
11. Oct 2010

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How to attract an ideal stream of customers

  1. 47 Tip: Websites are for lead generation and conversion. It is not just a matter of “looking good”. Ugly and crowed, Vs beautful and empty! Keys to build a great website 1. Attract prospects 2. Great content 3. Get found 4. Convert prospects to leads (call to action) 5. Measure your ROI Good websites

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  1. Thanks for allowing me to share my insights and what I am most passionate about. Marketing with a customer centric focus. My goal today is to provide you with some really great insights. I want to provide as much value and I am likely to cover a lot of ground. You have some worksheets that we will get to and some great examples of companies attracting their ideal customers well.
  2. This is the agenda for tonight. These are the building block questions to creating a company that attracts ideal customers. I want to understand your needs and will try and accommodate them in my presentation I will go through what your key take aways are for you We need to look at how your business is structured to see if you can accommodate the approach needed to attract the right customers Who are you is such an important aspect of attracting ideal customers and we look at why? Who needs to know is your ideal profile of a customer Why should they care - the value that is unique to them, the problem you solve How they find out?
  3. Your expectations? ask and note them down. If there is one thing you wanted to get out of tonight, what is it that you wanted answered. Am missing a marketing opportunity by not using twitter? Radio Commercials? How do I know that my marketing is working?
  4. According to some latest survey from flying solo here are some of the biggest marketing frustrations for SMB.
  5. Do you know what is working?
  6. If you have any thing else you would like to add do it now!
  7. Biggest strength is to think like a customer. Show empathy. It is that simple and complex.
  8. Marketing is a strategic planned approach to attracting customers so you can have a selling conversation.
  9. It is a process. It never ends. IT can be as simple or as detailed as you have time for. It is all about making better business decisions to attract a stream of ideal customers and create a brand your customers and your employees love.
  10. It takes long term outlook so say no. It is all about being purposeful
  11. How to get the customers they want. Making conscious business decisions about how you attract the ideal customers.This is about being selective, it is about having a business model.
  12. How to get the customers they want. Making conscious business decisions about how you attract the ideal customers.This is about being selective, it is about having a business model.
  13. 1. Tell your story. Make it real authentic and engaging. 2. Identify the individuals. Overviews of companies are better than nothing, but people want to know who they are dealing with. 3. Be contactable. There is nothing more annoying than only being able to contact a company via a contact feedback form. Put in an email address and phone number or loose leads. 4. Have a conversation with customers. Have a blog. Encourage two way conversations. People buy of people they like, know and trust. People do business with people they know, like and trust.
  14. Target Market/Ideal Client Who are the ideal clients for your service? What are the demographics and psychographics - industry, position, needs, values, etc? What’s the “ personality profile” of an idea client? How does cold calling work for you? Company Demographics Individual Demographics Industry Age Size of Company Gender Geographic Location Ethnicity Annual revenues Income Who their customers are Situation Age of company Demographic Gender balance Age of average employee Who you sell to in the company Profession Geographic location Company Psychographics Individual Psychographics Company mission/philosophy Knowledge, skill, experience Management style Personal values/life outlook Reputation in industry Work ethic Commitment to training/education Personal style Hiring practices Intelligence Litigation history Integrity Level of integrity Flexibility Awards for excellence Community involvement
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  16. Big nets: Advertising, google How much do you know about your customers? The narrower your customer focus the more business you will attract. Why? You know them well, what they want, where they are, there hot buttons. It’s a lot easier to market to a target group than to an unfocused group. Problem/Issues/Challenges Why do your ideal clients need this service? What’s not working or could work better? What’s missing? What’s broken? What’s frustrating or what are they struggling with? What are your clients complaining about? What are your competitors not currently delivering? What are the current expectations in your industry? How can you leverage your current level of expertise? What will a complete solution save your clients? What's the current cost of living with the problem? How are most services packaged? What's missing from most service packages?
  17. Do you need someone to help you assess these questions objectively? To what degree are you treating your customers like the guy in the movie.
  18. Who wants to have a go? One of the most important things you can do in preparing to market is to study the problems of your clients. Why do they need you? What’s frustrating them? What are they struggling with? What’s missing for them? What don’t they have what they want to have? What keeps them awake at night? What is causing them grief?
  19. What actual results will your clients be left with when they use your service? What ultimate result will make them happy? Ask, “If they got that result, would that be enough?” Get Attention The major frustration for these business owners is they don’t know how to attract their ideal customers and often result to doing ad-hock marketing at the last minute as they struggle to keep their cashflow consistent.What is the problem that they have? How do you solve this problem?
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