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  1. 1. Chess Music: Benny Andersson + Bjцrn Ulvaeus Lyrics: Tim Rice Book: Tim Rice Premiere: Wednesday, May 14, 1986 Broadway record: 1988 ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- CHESS American Tour version Lyrics by Tim Rice Based on an idea by Tim Rice Book by Richard Nelson Book Revised for this Production by Robert Coe
  2. 2. В© 1990 The American Tour opened January 9, 1990 at the Jackie Gleason Theater of the Performing Arts in Miami Beach, Florida Note: This script was made by transcription; the descriptions of action are from observation. Sung material is in all capital letters. ACT ONE Scene 1: A Giant Chessboard "The Story of Chess" ARBITER Each game of chess means there's one less Variation left to be played Each day got through means one or two Less mistakes remain to be made Each game of chess means there's one less Variation left to be played Each day got through means one or two Less mistakes remain to be made Not much is known Of early days of chess beyond a fairly vague report That fifteen hundred years ago two princes fought Though brothers, for a Hindu throne Their mother cried - for No-one really likes their offspring fighting to the death
  3. 3. She begged them stop the slaughter with her every breath But sure enough one brother died Sad beyond belief She told her winning son You have caused such grief I can't forgive this evil thing you've done He tried to explain How things had really been But he tried in vain No words of his could mollify the queen And so he asked the wisest men he knew The way to lessen her distress They told him he'd be pretty certain to impress By using model soldiers on A chequered board to show it was his brother's fault They thus invented chess. (the chorus moves large chess pieces around the board and sings the above in counterpoint during the following:) Chess displayed no inertia Soon spread to Persia, then west Next the Arabs refined it, Thus redesigned, it progressed Still further yet And when Constantinople fell in 1453 One would have noticed every other refugee
  4. 4. Included in his bags a set Once in the hands And in the minds of leading figures of the Renaissance The spirit and the speed of chess made swift advance Through all of Europe's vital lands Where we must record The game was further changed Right across the board The western touch upon the pieces ranged King and queen and rook And bishop, knight and pawn All took on the look We know today, the modern game was born With such success We see a game that started by mistake in Hindustan And boosted in the main by what is now Iran Reach every corner of the globe with nation Squaring up to nation to determine, no holds barred.... Who owns, who made, who will parade The champion of chess. Scene 2: The Lobby of the Bangkok International Hotel tv anchor (on screen) Frederick Trumper, the American chess player, has revolutionized an ancient game -- offering the kind of excitement usually associated with a rock
  5. 5. concert. Well, "FREDDIE- mania" has moved halfway around the world with an added twist of global politics. An American-Soviet chess competition has seized the international media spotlight. We're taking you now live to our correspondent in Thailand, Frank Scamello.... SCAMELLO Excitement is building here at the fabulous International Hotel in exotic Bangkok, Thailand, where press representatives from around the globe have gathered for what has to be the most anxiously awaited international sporting event since the last Olympics. The world chess tournament chess match-up between the American, Frederick Trumper and his Soviet challenger Anatoly Sergievsky. It's morning here in Bangkok, and the man who has held the world title for the past five years should be appearing at any...wait just a moment... Freddie Trumper's arriving now. "What a Scene, What a Joy" FREDDIE (on screen) What a scene! What a joy! What a lovely sight When my game is the big sensation! Has the mob's sporting taste Altered overnight? Have they found new sophistication? Not yet! They just want to see If the nice guy beats the bum If it's East-West And the money's sky-high They all come
  6. 6. My personal manager, WALTER De Courcey. WALTER Ladies and gentlemen, the world chess champion has arranged for an demonstration of his amazing mental powers. He's going to defeat the unbeaten Textron chess-playing computer in less than twenty-five moves. FREDDIE You can raise all you want If you raise the roof Scream and shout and the gate increases Break the rules -- break the bank I'm the living proof They don't care how I move my pieces I know I'm the best there is But all they want is a show Well that's all right I'll be glad to oblige S.R.O. S.R.O. Scene 3: Anatoly's Hotel Suite Simultaneously, ALEXANDER MOLOKOV and ANATOLY SERGIEVSKY watch the match on television from their suite on the other side of the stage. MOLOKOV What a ridiculous demonstration. The man is clearly disintigrating before our very eyes.
  7. 7. ANATOLY Don't believe it. MOLOKOV But twenty-five moves against a three-year old computer. ANATOLY Molokov, who is that woman? MOLOKOV Why? Interested? (beat) Very well. Nikolai, hand me the Vassy file. (reads) Florence Vassy. For the past seven years, Frederick Trumper's chess second. Hungarian- born orphan emigrated as an infant from Budapest. Adopted and raised in Connecticut. An excellent chess player in her own right, I might add. Several years ago, she and Trumper were lovers. Now they keep separate rooms. Whether they are lovers still.... ANATOLY You mean there are things the KGB does not know? MOLOKOV We are seldom surprised by your taste in women, Anatoly. I shall make it a point not to inform your estranged wife. ANATOLY Svetlana and I keep no secrets from each other. Unlike your friends in Moscow.
  8. 8. MOLOKOV Please, my dear Anatoly Valeriovich, by the time....being I'm a mere chess-playing second like the lovely Florence Vassy. ANATOLY Vassy...Vassy. Is she perhaps related to the former Hungarian chess champion? MOLOKOV His daughter. ANATOLY Does it say anywhere in that file that her father died in a Budapest prison in the '56 revolt? (MOLOKOV turns up the volume on the television:) FREDDIE Checkmate! SCAMELLO Freddie has just defeated the previously unbeaten Textron computer in only 23 moves. We'd like to invite you now across the lobby to the Circus Room for champagne and coffee. We're going to watch the world champ play six international masters simultaneously while blindfolded. (MOLOKOV turns off the TV) "The Russian and Molokov" MOLOKOV
  9. 9. What we've just seen's a pathetic display From a man who's beginning to crack He's afraid -- he knows he isn't the player he was And he won't get it back ANATOLY Nonsense! Why do my seconds Always want to believe Third-rate propaganda --? MOLOKOV My friend, please relax We're all on your side You know how you need us -- ANATOLY I don't need my army of so-called 'advisors' And 'helpers' to tell me The man who's revitalised chess single-handed Is more or less out of his brain When it's very clear he's sane FREDDIE ...I have just one message for you, my friend. You'd better come to play chess. MOLOKOV Listen, we won't underestimate Trumper We won't get caught in that trap After all, winning or losing reflects on us all --
  10. 10. ANATOLY Oh don't give me that crap! I win -- no one else does And I take the rap if I lose MOLOKOV Winning's not so simple The whole world's tuned in We're on display We're not merely sportsmen -- ANATOLY Oh please don't start spouting that old party line Yes I know it's your job but Just get out and get me a chess-playing second In twenty-four hours we begin That is if you want to win! MOLOKOV Wanting's not sufficient We have to know, we have to make sure All men have a weakness And his is that woman, the one who controls him His queen and his mentor The best moves are always Away from the chessboard The WOMAN is your aim Take her and you win the game
  11. 11. (Molokov exits) "Where I Want to Be" ANATOLY Who needs a dream? Who needs ambition? Who'd be the fool In my position? Once I had dreams Now they're obsessions Hopes became needs Lovers possessions Then they move in Oh so discreetly Slowly at first Smiling too sweetly I opened doors They walked right through them Called me their friend I hardly knew them Now I'm where I want to be and who I want to be and doing what I always said I would and yet I feel I haven't won at all Running for my life and never looking back in case there's someone right behind to shoot me down and say he always knew I'd fall When the crazy wheel slows down
  12. 12. Where will I be? Back where I started Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining Times have been good Fast, entertaining But what's the point? If I'm concealing Not only love All other feeling Now I'm where I want to be and who I want to be and doing what I always said I would and yet I feel I haven't won at all Running for my life and never looking back in case there's someone right behind to shoot me down and say he always knew I'd fall When the crazy wheel slows down Where will I be? Back where I started. (Nicolai enters) nikolai Anatoly Valeriovich, it's Nikolai. Excuse me, but I heard you tell MOLOKOV you needed a game. Well, I was a tournament semi-finalist of my student chess club in Crakow, and I was wondering.... ANATOLY Nikolai!
  13. 13. (pause) Maybe later. Scene 4: The Rooftop Ballroom of the International Hotel Molokov, Anatoly, Freddie, Florence, Walter, the Arbiter and his assistants and various delegates are present. ARBITER On behalf of the king and people of Thailand and the International Chess Federation, I wish to welcome the world to the magnificent city of Bangkok and the World Chess Championship. Mr. Frederick Trumper of the United States will defend his title against the challenger from the Soviet Union, Mr. Anatoly Sergievsky. Let me take this opportunity also to thank the Bangkok International Hotel for providing us with this magnificent rooftop ballroom. FREDDIE Nice spot. ARBITER Mr. Trumper, my name is Kobe Obe. My homeland, Nigeria. I am the Arbiter of this match. Our format is simple. The first player to attain six game victories over his opponent will be declared champion. These are my assistants. Officials will see that the rules of the match are followed and order prevails. Would the players and seconds please approach? FREDDIE Well, it's great to be back at the world championship. I just flew in
  14. 14. from New York and boy are my arms tired. It's been two years since the last big event and it's going to feel great to keep the title. FLORENCE Good morning...Mr. Molokov? You speak English, I understand. MOLOKOV Good morning, Miss Vassy. My pleasure. ANATOLY I believe I speak your language as well, Miss Vassy. FLORENCE Congratulations, Mr. Sergievsky. Even reaching this level of play is no mean feat. ANATOLY May I take this opportunity to offer your man a rematch? FLORENCE Isn't that a little premature when you haven't even sat across a table yet? ANATOLY There's a Russian saying, 'Patience is a virtue, but why waste time?' WALTER Excuse me, I'm Walter DeCourcey, Freddie's personal manager, business matters. Unnecessary evil, I'm afraid, what with all the media attention.... MOLOKOV
  15. 15. We know you by reputation, Mr. DeCourcey. FLORENCE I'm sure you know a little about all of us, Mr. Molokov. MOLOKOV That's true, Miss Vassy, especially Hungarian citizens who've made a success in the West. FLORENCE Circumstances have left me a citizen of the world. ARBITER Enough big jaws. Shall we go see. I'm available to consider pre-match applications.... FLORENCE We'd like to make a.... ARBITER (continuing) ...and am hopeful that the new spirit of conciliation between two great nations will extend itself to a simple game. Miss Vassy? FLORENCE The American delegation wishes to protest the size of the Soviet delegation. MOLOKOV But our delegation is the same size as the American delegation. FLORENCE
  16. 16. On the contrary, most of the people on our side are private citizens. MOLOKOV The Soviet delegation consists of just three people, including our champion. Our doctor, psychologist, security agents and chef cannot be considered delegates. ARBITER Objection overruled. Mr. Molokov? MOLOKOV The Soviet delegation has reason to believe that the American player's chair contains a communications device. It objects to the constitution of the chair. FLORENCE That's preposterous. Both chairs were made in Sweden. With non-aligned aluminum. ARBITER Objection overruled. WALTER As the head of the television companies, I'd like to ask permission for a few key commercial supporters of the game to set up sales booths around the arena.... ARBITER Mr. DeCourcey, the trade show of chess products filling the hotel's convention hall isn't enough for you? WALTER Well, given the tremendous investment in the live satellite hook-up, it seems to me....
  17. 17. "Arbiter's Song" ARBITER Mr. DeCourcey, for the moment, could we behave ourselves with the dignity the occasion demands? Let the preparations for the match begin. I've a duty as the referee At the start of the match On behalf of all our sponsors I must welcome you Which I do -- there's a catch I don't care if you're a champion No one messes with me I am ruthless in upholding What I know is right Black or white -- as you'll see I'm on the case Can't be fooled Any objection Is overruled Yes I'm the ARBITER and I know best ASSISTANTS He's impartial, don't push him, he's unimpressed ARBITER You got your tricks?
  18. 18. Good for you! But there's no gambit I don't see through Oh I'm the ARBITER, I know the score ASSISTANTS From square one he'll be watching all 64 ARBITER If you're thinking of the kind of thing That we've seen in the past Chanting gurus, walkie-talkies, Walkouts, hypnotists, Tempers, fists -- not so fast Just the hint of the unethical I'll be right on your back I will jump on all offenders from a [?] height Don't invite [?] I'm on the case Can't be fooled Any objection Is overruled Yes I'm the ARBITER and I know best ASSISTANTS He's impartial, don't push him, he's unimpressed. (dance sequence)
  19. 19. ARBITER I'm on the case Can't be fooled Any objection is overruled Yes I'm the ARBITER and I know best ASSISTANTS He's impartial, don't push him, he's unimpressed. ARBITER You got your tricks? Good for you! But there's no gambit I don't see through Oh I'm the ARBITER, I know the score From square one I'll be watching all 64 ASSISTANTS From square one he'll be watching all 64 ARBITER Oh I'm the ARBITER, I know the score ARBITER & ASSISTANTS From square one I'll be watching all 64. (the game begins) ARBITER Mr. Sergievsky has resigned. Opening game to the champion, Frederick Trumper.
  20. 20. (applause) Silence! I will not allow partisan demonstrations at this match. We will conduct ourselves with athe dignity the occasion deserves. I'm on the case Can't be fooled Any objection is overruled You got your tricks? Good for you! But there's no gambit I don't see through (Another game proceeds. As usual, Anatoly eats yogurt mid-game) Oh I'm the ARBITER, my word is law Yes, I'm the ARBITER, my word is law From square one.... FREDDIE (points to Anatoly's yogurt) Put that down! ANATOLY Stop.... FREDDIE The yogurt, give it here, let me see that. ANATOLY Get away.
  21. 21. FREDDIE Check it! I want someone checking that yogurt. Put it down. FLORENCE Check it for what? ARBITER What is going on here? FREDDIE Check the yogurt. ANATOLY Why should I let you look in my yogurt? FREDDIE It's strawberry. ANATOLY Yes. FREDDIE Before that in the first game it was banana. ANATOLY So? FREDDIE Don't you see? They're cheating!
  22. 22. ARBITER Mr. Trumper.... FREDDIE Don't be so goddam naive! Look at that! Now I demand that he no longer be served yogurt and I want an apology. ANATOLY Never! FLORENCE Freddie, what are you doing...? FREDDIE I want him disqualified. Come on, do something. Call him on it. Do something! ARBITER Mr. Trumper, please.... FREDDIE This match is over. ARBITER Break for lunch. Scene 5: The ARBITER's Suite
  23. 23. ANATOLY A pity we can't always choose which side we work for. FLORENCE I suspect the problem is a bit more acute on your side. MOLOKOV We wish, no must, make our disgust For this abuse perfectly clear We're here for chess -- are the US? If so why foul the atmosphere? FLORENCE I must protest -- our delegation Has a host of valid points to raise ARBITER It's not just black and white If I may coin a phrase As any neutral would attest FLORENCE Though we concede The fact your masters bend the rules is maybe not your fault If they admit their psychological assault Then under protest we'll proceed MOLOKOV
  24. 24. If your man's so sweet Then why the fighting talk? If he's not a cheat Then why on earth did he go take a walk? FLORENCE I am not surprised he wanted fresher air Once he realized there was no hope Of your lot playing fair FLORENCE/ANATOLY MOLOKOV/ARBITER How sad It's very sad to see the ancient and To see distinguished game that used to be ALL A model of decorum and tranquility Become like any other sport A battleground for rival ideologies To slug it out with glee ANATOLY I would say with regard to Him it is hard to Rebut Ever growing suspicions My opposition's A nut FLORENCE
  25. 25. I would have said You'd understand the strain and pressure getting where he's got Or that you'd simply call him highly-strung and not Imply that he was off his head ANATOLY But how on earth Can someone even half as civilized and nice as you Become with such a self-destructive point of view I hope he pays you what you're worth ARBITER I call this tune No one's immune to my power Once in that hall MOLOKOV In that case I must ask you Why you now Preside over a brawl FLORENCE I'm not getting rich My only interest Is in something which Gives me the chance Of working with the best
  26. 26. ANATOLY I can only say I hope your dream comes true Till that far-off day I hope you cope With helping number two FLORENCE/ANATOLY MOLOKOV/ARBITER How sad It's very sad to see the ancient and To see distinguished game that used to be ALL A model of decorum and tranquility Become like any other sport A battleground for rival ideologies To slug it out with glee (They all sing their verses over each other) ALL A model of decorum and tranquility Become like any other sport A battleground for rival ideologies To slug it out with glee ARBITER Miss Vassy...! FLORENCE
  27. 27. Ms. ARBITER It is time for explanations. FLORENCE Our position is simple. Mr. Trumper will consent to resume the match only if Mr. Sergievsky abstains from eating yogurt. ANATOLY Never! FLORENCE In addition,Freddie will require an apology for this extraordinary breach of chess etiquette. ARBITER Ms. Vassy, let me remind you that the eyes of the world are on Bangkok. This is the message that I want to send to both sides. The game is greater than the players and their politics. Tomorrow morning I expect to see two players at the table. Now. I'm going to leave the three of you to resolve your differences. Good day. (Arbiter and Assistants exit) ANATOLY My taste in yogurt seems to have produced an international incident. MOLOKOV (to Florence) My friend, in the spirit of Malta, why can't we just play chess?
  28. 28. FLORENCE You have the nerve to ask me that? MOLOKOV I'm a chess second. FLORENCE Bullshit! The State Department briefed us about you before we came here, Molokov, and I'm sure you of all people are thoroughly aware of my family background. ANATOLY I was briefed on you myself, Miss Vassy. FLORENCE So don't give me any further reasons to hate you, and don't think for a moment we don't know who controls the momentum of this match. Freddie walks out and says you cheated, who wouldn't believe him? We'll come out on top and the two of you will be on the first plane back to Moscow. And I hear Moscow is lovely this time of year. (to Anatoly) You need only apologize because without an apology, I'm not certain I can convince Freddie to return to the game. ANATOLY Would this meeting have to be public? MOLOKOV Sergievsky.... ANATOLY
  29. 29. Would it? MOLOKOV You can't possibly agree to this. FLORENCE Not necessarily public. Like everything else, the setting can be negotiated. MOLOKOV This meeting will take place over my strenuous objections. ANATOLY As you can see, I lean heavily on the advice of Comrade Molokov. Therefore I will consent to this meeting only if seconds from both sides are present. That means you, Miss Vassy. FLORENCE I'm fully acquainted with my position in this match. Your generosity surprises me, Mr. Sergievsky. As a gesture of conciliation, I'll permit you to suggest a place. MOLOKOV I know a private restaurant.... FLORENCE I know restaurants too, Mr. Molokov. ANATOLY Perfect! Travelling with my own chef, I have yet to sample the local Thai cuisine. Shall we choose? I have a Bangkok food guide.
  30. 30. FLORENCE We'll use mine. MOLOKOV They're the same guide. ANATOLY We have something in common. MOLOKOV I open, you point. FLORENCE Agreed. MOLOKOV Make it the third below the one you touched. FLORENCE The fourth. MOLOKOV The second. FLORENCE Agreed. MOLOKOV Okay.
  31. 31. ANATOLY The Generous Sole Terrace Bar. MOLOKOV An auspcious name. FLORENCE What a coincidence. ANATOLY It's in the hotel. ALL It sounds fine. ANATOLY Wonderful. Scene 6: Freddie's Suite WALTER (into phone) A lot of nerve these people have, you know. Yogurt! I mean who would have thought in an age of cold war thaw that...well, listen, David, you spend your life staring at 64 squares, you start to go a bit cuckoo after a while, I mean chess is a violent sport. David, listen to me, the chances of getting FREDDIE to pose for a photo with the Russian are less than zero. Unless you're talking about the cover. Now that would be different,
  32. 32. wouldn't it? (Florence enters) FLORENCE Where's FREDDIE? WALTER (to Florence, covering mouthpiece of phone) Shhh. Time Life. (into phone) Now look, Freddie'll give you twenty minutes on the phone if we get the cover and a look at the copy before publication. FLORENCE Where is he? WALTER Shut up, please. (into phone) We realize that pre-publication review's a sensitive issue, but if you can give it to Meryl Streep, you can sure as hell give it to FREDDIE Trumper without any.... (Florence depresses the switch hook) WALTER What the hell are you doing? That was Time-Life. It took me twenty minutes to make that connection. FLORENCE
  33. 33. Where did he go? WALTER Don't you realize what we got here? Cold War revived as chess match. Headlines in the press. Among them: La Monde, Die Welt, the Times in L.A., London, New York. This publicity could put our grandchildren through college. FLORENCE WALTER, I want some answers now. I just spent forty-five minutes making a complete ass of myself. (the phone rings again) WALTER (into phone) Freddie Trumper's suite, could you hold please? (to Florence) You've got my undivided attention. What is it? FLORENCE What Freddie did today was not his style. WALTER You're not suggesting I had anything to do with this are you? FLORENCE You follow the slime, you find the slug. (Freddie enters) FREDDIE
  34. 34. It wasn't Walter. It was my idea. WALTER You see? FLORENCE Okay. It's been a long day and it's not even four o'clock. I'm sorry, Walter. WALTER That's okay, kid. Forget about it. I'll take this in the bedroom. Good luck, Florence. FLORENCE Seriously, Freddie, what information could anyone possibly pass the guy in a cup of blueberry yogurt? FREDDIE It was strawberry. FLORENCE You couldn't even be original. You had to steal Korchnoi's ploy from '78. FREDDIE Korchnoi's complaint. (pause) Wait. Wait a sec. I figured it out. Ah ha! I figured it out. FLORENCE What did you figure out?
  35. 35. FREDDIE Look, I'm down a pawn, right? But then I moved a bishop, which means I sacrifice, which means I'm down two pawns. Now watch closely. Because I moved the queen's rook... FLORENCE Just move the knight. FREDDIE No, no, no. You haven't seen it yet. I move the rook and bam, bam, bam, bam. A draw! Snatched from the jaws of defeat! Global headlines, Florence. Down two pawns, Trumper saves draw. FLORENCE So that's why you pulled that stunt with the yogurt. FREDDIE God, I feel good. You know, nothing makes the mind kick in like a knife to your throat. FLORENCE Fine time to save the draw. FREDDIE At first I thought he was just disguising that variation he used to keep Vilav in.... FLORENCE Will you stop talking chess for one moment!? (Walter enters)
  36. 36. WALTER That was Vanity Fair and we got the cover! Freddie, I'll call you later. I'm going to see if I can set up a few more phone interviews. I'm telling you, this thing is big. (Walter exits) FREDDIE I still can't figure out why I didn't see it.... WALTER I'm going downstairs to the trade show, Florence. Come along later if you feel like slumming. FLORENCE Freddie, why did you cheat? FREDDIE I must be losing my touch. FLORENCE Answer me! FREDDIE Come on Florence, get with the program! This is no ordinary game! I can't lose this match. I cannot do that, Florence. FLORENCE Then you show up downstairs at the Generous Sole at ten.
  37. 37. FREDDIE Why should I? FLORENCE He's apologizing. FREDDIE You're kidding? FLORENCE I wish I were. FREDDIE (laughs) Vassy, you are a genius! FLORENCE I wish I had nothing to do with this. FREDDIE You wish you...hey, who's side you on here, anyway? FLORENCE They showed more class than you have ever shown in your life. FREDDIE I get it now. That Russian's got your number, hasn't he? I saw those smoldering looks at the opening ceremony. You seem to be forgetting something here Florence. These are the people who murdered your father. "You Wanna Lose Your Only Friend"
  38. 38. FLORENCE You want to lose your only friend? Well, keep it up you're doing fine Why this humiliation? Why treat me like a fool? I've taken shit for seven years And I won't take it any more FREDDIE I'm only teasing Soviets With gentle bonhomie And you've a better reason to be anti-them than me FLORENCE There's a time and there's a place FREDDIE Well how about here and now? Are you for me or for them? FLORENCE There's a time and there's a place -- FREDDIE 1956 - Budapest is rising 1956 - Budapest is fighting 1956 - Budapest is falling I'd have thought you'd support Any attack on these people
  39. 39. On the people who ran Mindlessly over your childhood Don't let them fool you for Thirty years on they're the same FLORENCE 1956 - Budapest is fighting 1956 - Budapest is dying FREDDIE you should never forget don't be deceived by this glasnost If you walk out on me You're really betraying your father Were he alive now He'd surely be dying of shame FLORENCE You know that there's nothing I've done That he'd be ashamed of in my whole life! Why'd you have to do this to me? FREDDIE Florence, I'm sorry. Florence..... (lights down as she exits, the scene dissolves to the hotel cafe, then a spa during the following) "Nobody's Side" FLORENCE
  40. 40. What's going on around me Is barely making sense I need some explanations fast I see my present partner In the imperfect tense And I don't see how we can last I feel I need a change of cast Maybe I'm on nobody's side And when he gives me reasons To justify each move They're getting harder to believe I know this can't continue I've still a lot to prove There must be more I could achieve But I don't have the nerve to leave (Florence leaves the restaurant and goes to the hotel spa where she receives a massage from the Spa Assistants) SPA ASSISTANTS Everybody's playing the game But nobody's rules are the same Nobody's on nobody's side Better learn to go it alone Recognize you're out on your own Nobody's on nobody's side FLORENCE The one I should not think of
  41. 41. Keeps rolling through my mind And I don't want to let that go No lover's ever faithful No contract truly signed There's nothing certain left to know And how the cracks begin to show! FLORENCE & SPA ASSISTANTS Never make a promise or plan Take a little love where you can Nobody's on nobody's side Never stay too long in your bed Never lose your heart, use your head Nobody's on nobody's side (behind a screen, Florence dresses for the evening) (dance break) FLORENCE Never take a stranger's advice Never let a friend fool you twice Nobody's on nobody's side Never be the first to believe Never be the last to deceive FLORENCE AND DRESSERS Nobody's on nobody's side Never leave a moment too soon Never waste a hot afternoon
  42. 42. Nobody's on nobody's side Never stay a minute too long Don't forget the best will go wrong Nobody's on nobody's side Scene 8: The Generous Sole Terrace Bar Better learn to go it alone Recognize you're out on your own Nobody's on nobody's side (the dressers become patrons of the bar, joined by men to form couples. Florence approaches Molokov's table, as does Anatoly) MOLOKOV Who'd have thought that such a simple game could be so complicated? Please sit down Miss Vassy, Mr. Sergievsky. We just have to wait for only a moment. I still don't approve of this apology, but as you must know better than anyone we should all learn to allow for the whimseys of genius. Please come, won't you join us? Thank you. You do not care much for me yet, but in the words of Gorby, we should all learn to respond to changing ti