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Is Computer Science Science?

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Is Computer Science Science?

  1. 1. Is Computer Science Science? Daniel Cukier @danicuki
  2. 2. The pioneers of your fieldgenuinely believed in the1950s that their new field was science. They were mistaken. There is nocomputer science. Computer art, yes. Computer technology, yes. But no science.
  3. 3. Science, engineering, andmathematics combine into aunique and potent blend in our (computers) field.
  4. 4. Science Art principles practicefundamental recurrences skilled performance explanation action discovery invention analysis synthesis dissection contruction
  5. 5. European synonym for computerscience - informatics - clearly suggests the field is about information processes, not computers.
  6. 6. Computer science studiesinformation processes both artificial and natural.
  7. 7. Programming, design, software and hardware engineering,building and validating models, and building user interfaces are all “computing arts”.
  8. 8. Latour [1] sees science-in-the-making as a messy, political, human process, fraught with emotion and occasional polemics. [1] Latour, B. Science in Action. Harvard University Press, 1987
  9. 9. But computer science is going adifferent way. Is is constantly forming relationships with other fields.
  10. 10. We don’t test our hypothesis 400 computer science papers 50% models or hypothesis not tested In other fields, 10% are untested
  11. 11. ConclusionComputer science is more like an artThe science paradigm has not beenpart of the mainstream perception ofcomputer science. But soon it will be(and this is an untested hypothesis)