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Danbri FOAF talk, Social Web Camp, WWW2009

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Danbri FOAF talk, Social Web Camp, WWW2009

  1. 1. SocialWeb - the view from FOAF Dan Brickley
  2. 2. Origins... - exploration of the Web as originally designed - a linked information system, describing people in the Web
  3. 3. Q: Who has read http://www.w3.org/History/1989/proposal.html ? The quot;Personal Skills Inventoryquot; Personal skills and experience are just the sort of thing which need hypertext flexibility. People can be linked to projects they have worked on, which in turn can be linked to particular machines, programming languages, etc. Tim Berners-Lee, March 1989
  4. 4. We built one.
  5. 5. Linked RDF in 2000-1
  6. 6. Values...
  7. 7. Choice...
  8. 8. Expression...
  9. 9. Movement...
  10. 10. Association...
  11. 11. “...just the sort of thing which need hypertext flexibility.”
  12. 12. “Name contains too many capital laters.”
  13. 13. “Name is too long (max is 20 characters)”
  14. 14. Price of decentralization • What happens when your homepage is hacked? • and you’ve used it as an openid? • What happens when your site is hacked? • and you host a popular schema? Embarassing, but these are my problems today.
  15. 15. Questions • How can we build a decentralised approach to describing people, topics, and the things they make and do... • ...while retaining advantages of formal standards & careful review?
  16. 16. OAuth • security advisory yesterday.
  17. 17. What can you do with danbri.org? • ask the Google social graph API!
  18. 18. It’s on the machine- readable public record! http://socialgraph.apis.google.com/otherme? pretty=1&q=danbri.org
  19. 19. Social Web meets TV? • from Mobile Widgets Camp yesterday • if my friends have widget-capable phones • and the phones know we’re friends • how can their widgets control my tv? • How do contact and permissioning APIs in W3C mobile widgets relate to those in Web- site widget platforms? (opensocial etc.)?
  20. 20. W3C Social Web XG • A place to share problems, record plans • Build collaborations, review each other’s work • Figure out how it all fits together
  21. 21. Image credits: Tim Berners-Lee, Ian Davis