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Graphic Design Portfolioby Dana Christine Salzillo,[object Object],OBJECTIVE: ,[object Object],An upbeat & diverse career to utilize my proficiency in graphic arts, increasing growth in the company. I enjoy a team effort yet can effectively manage my time working alone. As an individual, I have a strong work ethic & positive attitude – willing to work outside the box.,[object Object]
projects: HoodEz Tradeshow Management & Booth DesignSports & Licensing Tailgate Show, Las Vegas – January, 2008Organized all artwork & product inventory Created slideshow, booth design & package design Advertising and Identity DesignCreated logo for York Review Literary Magazine and won second place.,[object Object],computer skills:Proficient on both MAC & PC platforms Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator – highly proficient, 5+ years Adobe InDesign & Quark – moderately proficient, 3 years or less Flash, Dreamweaver, Director – least proficient, 2 years or less,[object Object],additionalskills:Quickbooks, CADtools, ShopWorks/Filemaker Pro, Microsoft Word & Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Publisher, Google Sketchup, 4 years of French and 2 years of Italian languages,[object Object],relevantinterests: photography, art history, fine art, event/party planning , fashion design & visual merchandising,[object Object],Education,[object Object],York College of PennsylvaniaBachelor of Arts, Graphic DesignAIGA 2005-2008Graduated: May 2007,[object Object],Westmoreland Co. Community CollegeSept 2002 to May 2004Commercial Art & Business Marketing,[object Object]
Work Experience,[object Object],Wraptured, Inc/Renaissance Salon & Spa,[object Object],Hunt Valley, MD  -  March 2009-present,[object Object],Administrative Assistant/Marketing & Design,[object Object],Administrative & Personal assistant to the owner of,[object Object],	the company; Daily responsibilities include clerical,,[object Object],	scheduling appointments, customer service, payroll,,[object Object],	customer invoices & payments & bank deposits,[object Object],Revamped corporate identity with brochures, direct,[object Object],	mail and signage to increase business as well as,[object Object],	email marketing for this large $2+ million dollar salon,[object Object],	& spa with over 25,000 clients,[object Object],Worked with outside professionals to set up ad,[object Object],	space, SEO, special events/marketing promotions &,[object Object],	gained advanced knowledge of salon & spa industry,[object Object],Office Valet 			,[object Object],Sparks, MD  -  March - July 2007,[object Object],Graphic Designer & Retail Sales Manager,[object Object],Held primary Graphic Design role of the store; designed business cards, invitations, posters, brochures and various print material for various clients,[object Object],Responsible for opening and closing the store, handling register monies & deliveries,[object Object],Met with clients throughout design process, met project deadlines, and sent orders to print vendors,[object Object],Also performed several general office duties, providing quotes, collecting payments, initiating new sales as well as packaging & shipping,[object Object],HoodEz LLC ,[object Object],Owings Mills, MD  -  June 2007-January 2009,[object Object],Art Director & Asst. to Sales & Marketing,[object Object],Primary Graphic Designer for the company; created all marketing collateral for colleges and other associations, along with retail store displays, PowerPoint presentations, and packaging,[object Object],Responsible for organizing all licensed artwork, submitting for approval and ensuring correct colors & logos as well as registration and trademarks,[object Object],Created new product designs & layouts to include custom shapes & dimensions for product prototypes using CAD Tools for Adobe Illustrator; worked closely with manufacturer in China to ensure accuracy,[object Object],Managed all sales and their associated artwork; communicated with clients to create custom graphics; entered all orders and processed all artwork for different products,[object Object],Worked in a fast paced environment dealing with company growth from the ground up, multi-tasking several projects and deadlines at once,[object Object],Oversee production, prepare orders for shipment and client follow-up,[object Object],Prepared booth design, flyers, travel etc. for several tradeshows across the country,[object Object],Helped manage communication and direction throughout the office,[object Object],Worked with outside vendors across the US  and organized company move to a new office,[object Object]
Logo Design & Restoration,[object Object]
Portfolio 2010
 Advertising  ·  POP ·  Email Marketing ,[object Object]
Portfolio 2010
Portfolio 2010
Portfolio 2010
Portfolio 2010
Packaging · POS · Product Design,[object Object]
Portfolio 2010
Portfolio 2010
Page Layout · Editorial,[object Object]
Portfolio 2010
Portfolio 2010
Portfolio 2010
Portfolio 2010
Portfolio 2010
Marketing · Direct Mail · Promotion,[object Object]
good for one FREE pass when you,[object Object],purchase a pass at regular price,[object Object],SATURDAY 11-11,[object Object],SUNDAY 11-9,[object Object],WINE WEEKEND,[object Object]
Portfolio 2010
Portfolio 2010
Sports & Tailgate TradeshowLas Vegas, NV – January 2008,[object Object]
Personal Projects,[object Object]
Portfolio 2010
Portfolio 2010
Portfolio 2010
In Conclusion,[object Object],Graphic & Fine Arts are skills  I pursue on a daily basis for individuals, small businesses, family & friends.  It’s a constant presence in my life & I have several references available upon request.  I think of myself as business minded with a creative eye.,[object Object],Dana Salzillo,[object Object],(412) 860-1190,[object Object],danasalz@gmail.com,[object Object]
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