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Transportation               Brokerage

 Warehousing             Value Added Services

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                                                          nl og
Public Warehousing + Logistics

We’ll customize our services                           shipment as it moves through the...
Rework, Packaging + Returns
  Kanban solves your problems
  so you can focus on business
  Rework, packaging and returns a...
Contract Warehousing

Dedicated facilities
                                                         tion in a cost cont...
Facility Leasing + Building
  Need facilities?
  Kanban can build it.
  For over 30 years Kanban has been building and
Kanban offers a wide variety of services, and custom tailors service for
specific client needs. If it’s not listed...
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Kanban Logistics Corporate Brochure

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Kanban Logistics Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. Transportation Brokerage Warehousing Value Added Services mysteries e nravel th U e. and spac of time
  2. 2. is ti cs .c om nl og | w w w.k an ba 1- 80 0- 451- 75 22 Just your speed industry. Kanban has built a solid reputation of For over 30 years Kanban Logistics has provided cli- providing excellent timely and professional services ents with a full range of supply chain management worldwide. ISO 9001:2000 certified, C-TPAT compli- services. The word Kanban comes from a Japanese ant, food grade certified by the American Institute term meaning, “just in time,” a saying that has be- of Bakeries and a certified foreign trade zone, Kan- come a core philosophy in the company’s ban is equipped to deal with clients across a variety values since its incorporation in 1984. of different industries to reach their supply chain Locally owned and operated since the management goals. Whether your needs are local, beginning, Kanban Logistics brings an international, or somewhere in between, Kanban energetic young, “can do” can work with your company to ensure that your attitude along with the needs are met providing timely services at a competi- experience, knowl- tive cost. Utilizing Kanban’s services allows your edge and manage- company to focus on more demanding needs within ment skills of a your organization. company deeply rooted in supply Kanban knows logistics chain manage- A proud member of the International Warehouse ment business Logistics Association, the Southeastern Ware- for over 30 years. house Association and the Warehousing Education The services and Research Council, Kanban management feels offered by Kanban strongly that trade involvement and participation range from full service are of the utmost importance in providing superior public warehousing/lo- service. Recently named one of the Top 100 third gistics, rework/repackaging, party logistics providers in the United States for contract warehousing to build- 2007 by Inbound Logistics magazine Kanban is well ing distribution centers/manufacturing operations equipped to help with all of your needs. To learn for industry, all of which can be delivered “just in more about Kanban Logistics and find out how time” for your company. From auto manufacturing Kanban can help with all your logistics needs, please to food and consumer goods, Kanban is equipped call us at 1-800-451-7522 or visit us on the web at to deal with the changing dynamics of the logistics www.kanbanlogistics.com.
  3. 3. Public Warehousing + Logistics We’ll customize our services shipment as it moves through the logistics phases. to meet your need Kanban is certified and equipped to handle every- thing from hazardous materials to food items and In the 1970’s Kanban was founded as a primary medical supplies. supplier of public warehousing and logistics servic- es. Recently named as one of the Top 100 third party logistics providers by Inbound Logistics magazine, Find out how Kanban can Kanban continues to offer everything from storage to handling and transport services. Noted by CSX meet your facilities needs. TransFLO as a premier provider, Kanban’s trans- Call us at 800-451-7522 load yard allows your product to be transported by or visit us online at rail and unloaded railside or in the transload yard. www.kanbanlogistics.com Whatever the selected mode of transportation, all inventory can be managed and remotely tracked through every stage in the logistics and warehous- ing process using Kanban’s online WMS tracking system. This allows you to watch and manage your
  4. 4. Rework, Packaging + Returns Kanban solves your problems so you can focus on business Rework, packaging and returns are a specialty of Kanban Logistics. When a problem arises in post production or packaging Kanban can remedy practi- cally any problem that may surface. From re-boxing, to re-labeling and inspection, Kanban is your pre- mier rework services provider. Our experienced management team and available workforce get your sensitive quality prob- lem fixed and get your goods on their way back out the door to your client. It’s 2 A.M. Do you know where your shipment is? Our warehouse management system (WMS) will al- low you to track your shipment online from the mo- ment it enters the door through its departure from a Kanban Logistics center on one of our brokerage licensed trucks. Our brokerage license and trucking line offers both long and short haul services that To learn more about the extend into the Midwest. These type services allow warehousing and logistics you and your company to rest easy knowing that services offered by Kanban you have a team of logistics professionals handling your returns, packaging and re-working needs from please call us at 800-451-7522 start to finish as well as ensuring “just in time” de- or visit us online at livery of your goods. www.kanbanlogistics.com
  5. 5. Contract Warehousing Dedicated facilities tion in a cost controlled environment with specific Kanban currently operates facilities that are entirely instructions and guidelines. The outsourcing of dedicated to the needs of one client. These distribu- logistics to Kanban allows for your corporation to tion centers remain owned by Kanban and are fully focus on your own core competencies and leverage staffed with Kanban workforce and management. the knowledge and skills of Kanban professionals to Through the use of a single warehousing space for handle the logistics aspects of your business. all of your logistics needs, Kanban is able to provide a premier customer-service-oriented business opera-
  6. 6. Facility Leasing + Building Need facilities? Kanban can build it. For over 30 years Kanban has been building and managing facilities ranging from large warehouses to small offices. Kanban currently has over 700,000 square feet of facility space and the capability to of- fer many facility options for your business. A new building can be custom built to ac- commodate your requirements and specific needs and can be managed with your own resources. Or you can choose to take a portion of an existing warehouse space and exuberant yet highly skilled and willing to go the manage it with your own extra mile to provide superior supply chain manage- resources, or if it meets ment and facilities. To find more about how Kanban your need, an entire can meet your facility needs call us at 1-800-451-7522 building can be designat- or visit www.kanbanlogistics.com. ed solely to your business. And of course, Kanban is available to provide technology, warehousing servic- es and staff expertise in your leased or custom-built space, according to your needs. Kanban’s flexibility and willingness to work with you to get the job done is an outstanding benefit to collaborating for your facility needs. You will find that Kanban’s management is youthful and
  7. 7. Services Kanban offers a wide variety of services, and custom tailors service for specific client needs. If it’s not listed here, talk to us about your need! Public Warehousing Contract Warehousing • ISO 9001:2000 and Logistics • Foreign Trade Zone Facility Leasing/Building • Storage • Food grade certified • Handling • JIT delivery Rework/Packaging • Assembly • Logistics Manpower and Returns • Rework Specialized Services: • Cross-Dock • Inspections • Containerization • Sorting • Packaging • Rail siding • Container Stripping • Stretch Wrap • Vendor Managed • Palletizing • Carton Clamps Inventory • Barcoding • Roll Clamps • Transportation • Country of Origin Labeling • Slip Sheets (LTL and Truck Load/Short • Reboxing • FTZ Documentation and Long Haul) • Kitting • Pick & Pack • Quality Control • Manufacturer Labeling • Returns Processing • Testing • Repair • Same Day Shipping • Break Bulk • Instruction Manual Printing • Kitting • Climate controlled • Returns Management • Strapping • Pallet Exchange • Expedited Shipping • Pallet Procurement • C-TPAT Compliance • Banding • Recycling/Disposals
  8. 8. Name d Top 10 one of Ame Inbou 0 3PL prov rica’s nd Log id istics ers by maga zine Location, location, location Our central location gives us the edge in shipping. Philadelphia Kanban Logistics is strategically located in eastern North Carolina on the I-95 corridor in close prox- imity to East Coast shipping and the I-85 and I-40 corridors. Between the ports of Hampton Roads/ Norfolk and Wilmington and a short distance from Washington DC Raleigh, NC, Kanban is perfectly positioned to reach over 75% of the United State’s population in 12 hours. So, whether your cargo needs to travel by land, rail or sea, nationally or internationally, Kanban can Richmond get everything where it needs to be “just in time”. Norfolk Kanban Logistics currently operates from three locations throughout eastern North Carolina in Rocky Mount, Tarboro, and Plymouth. A wide Rocky Mount Plymouth variety of warehousing and logistics services are Winston-Salem/Greensboro Tarboro Raleigh available in these three facilities. From ship, to rail transport to truck transport these three facilities are Morehead Charlotte City equipped to handle a variety of needs and get your goods where they need to be “just in time.” To learn Wilmington more about how Kanban can manage all of your Florence logistics needs please call us at 1-800-451-7522 or Columbia visit www.kanbanlogistics.com. Charleston C E R T I F I C AT I O N S A N D T R A D E O R G A N I Z AT I O N S Savannah