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Introducing Microsoft Teams Video

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Chat for today’s teams

Get flexible communication in the moment and keep everyone in the know. See content and chat history anytime, including team chats with Skype that are visible to the whole team. Private group chats are available for smaller group conversations.

A hub for teamwork

Give your team instant access to everything they need right in Office 365.

All your content, tools, people, and conversations are available in the team workspace
Enjoy built-in access to SharePoint, OneNote, and Skype for Business
Work on documents right in the app
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Security teams can trust

Microsoft Teams provides the enterprise security and compliance features you expect from Office 365.

Broad compliance standards support
Data encryption at all times, at-rest and in-transit
Multi-factor authentication for enhanced identity protection
Customizable for each team

Tailor your Microsoft Teams workspace to include the content and features your team needs to access and use every day.

Add tabs to provide quick access to frequently used documents and cloud services
Explore data and take quick actions with bots
Pull in Connectors for updates from third-party party tools and services


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