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Brookfield Square - final design composite

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Size: 1,135,487 sf (total mall) 300,000 sf (renovation)
Project Type: Mall Renovation/Expansion
Opening Date: 2008

The first step taken in the revitalization effort of this 1960's-era regional mall was to upgrade the mall's exterior with the addition of new outward facing retailers and restaurants. Oversized service courts became opportunities to improve the mall's facade with upscale restaurants such as Mitchell's Fish Market and Bravo Cucina Italiana. Likewise, under-used, yet highly visible, portions of the mall's parking area are attracting new tenants to the Brookfield market.

Inside the mall, warm colors and comfortable amenities provide visitors with an inviting experience. Decorative lighting and wood panels add detail to the ceilings, while new floor finishes, large format tiling, and cultured stone give the project a new palette of texture and materials.

key responsibilities:
-lead designer for the mall concouse and courts
-collaborated with the lighting designer for the overall concourse lighting/fixture selection
-selection of concourse/court palette, material selection, furniture selection
-production of design thru construction document phases

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