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Stone Age City
VITRUVIUSfirmitas, utilitas, venustas : : durability, convenience, beauty
Durability“Durability will be assured when foundations arecarried down to the solid ground and materialswisely and liberal...
The hotel had several desigfeatures that made up for ifoundation:The reflecting pool (visiblethe picture above) alsoprovid...
I’m searching for “my                     architect, not                   “movies, directors,                        acto...
Social Earthquakes                                 If people post jobs in                            discussion areas, any...
Convenience“When the arrangement of the apartments is  faultless and presents no hindrance to  use, and when each class of...
ckspace headquarters in in a former mall. The lding is so usable for moving people around, itssily repurposed.bert Venturi...
Malls onlineepitomizeconvenience,and are typicallyextremelyusable.Anthropologie iselegant andfunctional.This simplemodel c...
The MIT project, they were interviewing                 me for MIT and they sent their facilities                 people t...
I call it the "Then What?"        Okay, you solved all the        problems, you did all the        stuff, you made nice, y...
“Early in life I had to choose between honest arroganceand hypocritical humility. I chose honest arrogance andhave seen no...
Beauty (delight)“when the appearance of the work is pleasing and in good taste, andwhen its members are in due proportion ...
“Less is more.”              ~     Mies
SEAGRAM BUILDING (Philip  Johnson did interiors, 1957)   Seagram                                 BuildingThis logical and ...
“Less is a bore.”               ~     Venturi
Is this Beautiful?
Do we dictatewhat is beautifulby constraining user choice?
Or supportpassionate use that may not meet our     aesthetic    standards?
BeautifulDurable               Convenient
Push harder, furtherARCHITECTURE
Servant and Served Spaces‘I do not like ducts; I do not like pipes. I hatethem really thoroughly, but because I hate thems...
Services (settings, in   this case) are  separated from      served)
Services intergradedwith served is easierto comprehend and         use
Centre Pompidou was designed with services revealed rather than hidden
Revealing things usuallyonly available toemployees, such asstatistics can provideinterest and beautyinherit to the product.
Views        Hey, it’s the          Arc de        Triomphe!
Views into other    services
Views into theservice before you sign up
Speed      5 mph                               25mph                           60mphMedieval architecture designed to be w...
Speed      60mph                                25mph                           5 mphConsider speed of use in design; do n...
Why are our compositions so static? How should the eye move through this?
nd if you think of Brick, for instance, and you say to Brick, "What do you want Brick?" And Brick says to you "I like an A...
And if the material wants to be tall?
Flipboard might bean example ofdigital architecture.It is beautiful,functional, durable,delightful.Flipboardunderstands th...
Even if you use the “wrong” gesture,    Flipboard reacts correctly.
Many Architects are Artists       How many digital designers are? Why shouldn’t they try?       The courage and commitment...
The question we need to be asking:IS IT ARCHITECTURE YET?
“You start with the client’sprogram,” Mr. Breuer observes.“That’s not architecture, but it’sthe groundwork. Architecturegr...
Good architecture is still thedifficult, conscientious, creative,expressive planning for thatelusive synthesis that is a n...
Information Arcitecture isArchitecturein Information Spaces
“Modern Systems! Yes indeed! To  approach everything in a strictly  methodical manner and not to waver a  hair’s breath fr...
Stone Age City
Stone Age City
Stone Age City
Stone Age City
Stone Age City
Stone Age City
Stone Age City
Stone Age City
Stone Age City
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Stone Age City

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