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7 Customer Service Qualifications Everyone Must Have

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While each customer-facing professional is unique, there are certain core traits that are possessed by those who provide excellent customer service. These seven customer service qualifications are useful in hiring, training, and promoting customer-facing professionals.

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7 Customer Service Qualifications Everyone Must Have

  1. 1. Qualifications …Everyone Must Have
  2. 2. Brought to you by… customersthatstick.com ©Copyright 2014. CTS Service Solutions. All Rights. Reserved Back in 2012, we wrote a blog post about the ideal traits that a customer-facing professional (CFP) should have. Because positive personality traits and qualifications are so important to customer service, we wanted to create a fun, visual tool for you to share with your teams.
  3. 3. Who is the ideal candidate for a customer service position?
  4. 4. What qualifications must this person have to succeed?
  5. 5. Most customer-facing professionals need the following 7 attributes to deliver excellent customer service…
  6. 6. Empathy
  7. 7. In customer service, the ability to understand what someone is going through is fundamental.
  8. 8. CFPs must be able to relate to their customers in order to provide the best service.
  9. 9. Thick Skin
  10. 10. CFPs who take situations personally do not last long in customer service.
  11. 11. CFPs must be able to detach from situations and to remember that it is usually not personal.
  12. 12. Communication Skills
  13. 13. Successful customer service depends on clear and productive communication.
  14. 14. CFPs must know how to actively listen and pivot unhelpful conversations to more productive ground.
  15. 15. Self Control
  16. 16. The ability to govern one’s emotions and reactions is a key part of customer service.
  17. 17. CFPs must be able to maintain a level head and exhibit calm during stressful situations.
  18. 18. People Person
  19. 19. Customer service is an inherently human- driven activity. It is about one person trying to help another person.
  20. 20. Those who are not fond of people will never be able to sustain the people- centric focus that is at the core of great service.
  21. 21. Flexibility
  22. 22. If customer service is anything, it is dynamic. One day is never like the next.
  23. 23. CFPs must be able to adapt and make decisions in the “grey.”
  24. 24. Team Player
  25. 25. Great service should always be the result of a collaborative effort to put the customer’s needs first.
  26. 26. CFPs must set aside their own interests to help the team deliver what the customer needs.
  27. 27. So, next time you’re hiring someone for your customer-facing team, remember to look for… Empathy Self ControlTeam Player Flexibility People PersonThick Skin Communication Skills
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