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Mongo db as a service webinar

With the increasing prevalence of Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS), developers have easier access to database platforms like MongoDB and can accelerate application time-to-market. DBaaS can save time, money and significantly reduces the risk of human error in each deployment.

This presentation provides a look at how CumuLogic solutions empower your organization to implement and operate your MongoDB database in a self-service manner inside the firewall.

The webinar gave participants the opportunity to:
- Learn about the benefits of operating MongoDB “as-a-service”
- See what it takes to offer MongoDB-as-a-Service to your users, including powerful features like automated cluster creation (sharding and replica sets), backup job management and software updates
- Usage examples and complex deployment options for power users

Sandeep Patni – Co-Founder and VP of Systems, CumuLogic
Chip Childers – VP of Product Strategy, CumuLogic

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Mongo db as a service webinar

  1. 1. Chip Childers VP Product Strategy Sandeep Patni Co-Founder and VP Systems Operating MongoDB “as-a- service” in Any Cloud
  2. 2. • Suite of cloud services to deliver private-label, high value Amazon-like cloud services on your IaaS cloud CumuLogic at a Glance Elastic Load Balancer Message Queue aaS Relational DBaaS More Coming Soon! Cache aaS NoSQL -aaS
  3. 3. • Software platform to deliver fully managed MongoDB Database-as-a- Service • Web service to setup, operate and scale clusters in the cloud • Simple to deploy, easy to scale, reliable and cost effective for customer • Multiple engine support CumuLogic NoSQL Service MongoDB Database-as-a-Service http://www.cumulogic.com/cumulogic-software-portfolio/nosql-database-as-a-service/
  4. 4. MongoDB Service: Value Proposition Cloud Service Providers: 1. Increases IaaS consumption 2. Turn-key access to new, high- value service 3. Ability to differentiate and compete with AWS DynamoDB with the most popular NoSQL database Enterprises: 1. Automates 75-90% of manual operational tasks 2. Empowers developers with a MongoDB database in a self- service manner inside the firewall 3. Runs on any cloud and private infrastructure (i.e. virtualized environment, bare metal)
  5. 5. • Replica sets for data durability • Shards for scalability • Performance optimization – Highest IOPS based on storage – Low latency – Linear scalability • Automated failure recovery • Backup and restore • Security, access control • Updates and patches • API MongoDB Database Service Features
  6. 6. Secondary Application RAID 10 SecondaryPrimary Replication Region 1 Zone 1 RAID 10 RAID 10 MongoDB Database Service Deployment Patterns: Replica Set Single-AZ
  7. 7. Secondary Application SecondaryPrimary Replication Region 1 Zone 1 Region 1 Zone 2 RAID 10 RAID 10 RAID 10 Application MongoDB Database Service Deployment Patterns: Replica Set Multi-AZ
  8. 8. Region 1 Zone 1 SecondarySecondaryPrimary Config Server SHARD 1 SecondarySecondaryPrimary Config Server SHARD 2 SecondarySecondaryPrimary Config Server SHARD 3 App App RAID 10 RAID 10 RAID 10 RAID 10 RAID 10 RAID 10 RAID 10 RAID 10 RAID 10 AppApp mongos mongos mongos MongoDB Database Service Deployment Patterns: Sharded Cluster Single-AZ
  9. 9. DEMO
  10. 10. • Contact us at info@cumulogic.com • Request a Sandbox Environment: http://www.cumulogic.com/resources/sandbox/ • Download a trial version: http://www.cumulogic.com/downloads/installer/ • Documentation: http://www.cumulogic.com/resources/documentation/ • MongoDB white paper: http://www.cumulogic.com/resources/mongodb_wp/ Questions?