generalized seizure fits ppv static encephalopathy art paids aids hiv status epilepsy convulsion epilepsy literature review dss dhf tbi antiretroviral drugs opportunistic infections haart pmtct convulsions seizures complementary feeds weaning mdr tb rntcp ntep mantaux test cbnaat primary complex tuberculosis ns1 antigen torniquet test warning signs dengue rheumatic carditis secondary prophylaxis erythema marginatum arthritis carditis acute rheumatic fever rheumati fever respiratory distress preterm surfactant hmd rds thoracocentecis intercostal drainage chest drainage hydrothorax exudate transudate pneumothorax empyema pleural effusion variceal bleeding post hepatic prehepatic portal hypertension octreotide espphageal vacices lower gi bleeding upper gi bleeding lakshmi agarwal mirable sisters orange the world violence against women gender equality diagnostic test gold standard test accurct lr raios npv spcificity sensitivity pathological jaundice physiological jaundice kernicterus exchange transfusion phototherapy neonatal hyperbilirubinemia neonatal jaundice golden hour management of newborn chest compressions apgar normal newborn care in delivery room neonatal asphyxia nrp neonatal resuscitation renal replacement therapy dialysis uremia renal shutdown acute renal failure aki antithyroids drugs toxic adenoma of thyroid multibodular goiter graves' disease goiter thyrtoxicosi hyperthyroisism insulin drip cerebral edema diabetic ketoacidosis dka type 1 dm type 1 diabetes diabetes insulin dependent diabetes t1dm croup bronchiolitis pneumonias who ari programme alrti aurti ari acute nephritis glomerulonephritis apsgn agn platelet count pt aptt platelet defects clotting disorder itp hemophilia hemostasis meningoencephalitis encephalitis botolinum toxin physiotherapy rehabilitation cp little's disease boot shaped heart hair on end appearane rickets consolidation silhoutte sign chest x ray roentgenogram x ray neonatal seizure pcv prophylaxis arv drugs mtct ppctc patient care evidence based practice ebm journal club eeg antiepileptic drugs focal sezure febrile seizure aed seizure safety net akshyapathra gobiff nimfes resomal malnutrition sam pem search for medical literature thesis writing dissertations writing high bp hypertension df dengu early interventions autism autism spectrum disorder status asthmaticus algorithm stepwise therapy of asthma asthma indices gina guidelines acute severe asthma controllers preventers relievers childhood asthma status asthma asthma miracradle selective cooling therapeutic hypothermia hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy hie mental retardation in infants urea cycle disorder inborn errors of metabolism nonalcoholic fatty liver diasease multihit theorsy two hit theory fatty liver nash nafld rda earning ai ul amdr upper tolerable limit estimated average intake adequate intake reference intatake diet dris development of visual sense eyes vision dietary recommendations nutritive values of food proteins fats carbohydrates vitamins nutrition neonatal hearing screening hearing loss audiometry hearing tests cerebral herniation herniation raised ict icp down syndrome down's syndrome neonatal lupus discoid lupus butterfly rash lupus nephritis lupus antinuclear antibodies autoimmune disorders sle vaccines opv vaccination polio eradication
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