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Parents, join our Twitter party!

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Here are a few recent tweets from the Vanier Learning Commons and Georges Vanier Elementary School. Join us for another way to connect with your child's learning

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Parents, join our Twitter party!

  1. 1. Come and join the Vanier Twitter party! Check out some of the ways we are sharing, learning and celebrating using Twitter. Anna Crosland TL
  2. 2. We shared our work with Barbara Reid, a famous author. She ‘favourited’ our tweet. New meaning comes to the student’s work.
  3. 3. Look what happened when we celebrated learning... Our news was ‘favourited’ or ‘retweeted’ by a technology teacher in North Carolina, a principal in Australia, and in Surrey: a teacher, an Apple Distinguished Educator and a Director of Instruction in Surrey.
  4. 4. We celebrated learning some great skills at the Book Fair . Scholastic Books celebrated with us.
  5. 5. Sometimes we get cool ideas from other schools. Check out these great ‘Pigeon Hats’ created by students in Indianapolis at a literacy fair. Can’t wait to try making these.
  6. 6. Students tweet their ideas using @VanierLC. All tweets are moderated. That means each tweet is checked before it goes public. Parent consent is required. #gvlearn is our school’s ‘hashtag. It helps people find us.
  7. 7. Our school’s weekly news, announcements and special events are tweeted @georgesvanier36
  8. 8. Other teachers in our school use twitter to share, learn and celebrate. Here’s just two examples:@monicasingh94 @mrswendyhall
  9. 9. Check with your child’s classroom teacher for their Twitter @name and explore another way to join in your child’s learning. Anna Crosland TL