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Madagascar analysis

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Madagascar analysis

  1. 1. Assignment 2: Researching a Cross Media Film Campaign ASSESSMENT CRITERIA 1. Skilled use of MEDIA LANGAUAGE/TERMINOLOGY 2. Using EVIDENCE from the media text to support your analysis In your lesson today you are going to be examining a case study and looking at how it promotes a film before its general release. The Key Words which I am looking for in your analysis are SIGNIFIES, CONNOTATIONS, SYNERGY, TARGET AUDIENCE, GENRE
  2. 2. 1. Carry out an analysis of the home page explaining what you can tell about the movie from the home page (remember to think about images, colours, fonts, hyperlinks, multimedia content. Use words like CONNOTATIONS, ANCHORS, SIGNIFIES, REPRESENTATION) At the top they have the main characters and when you hover over them they animate and start moving this represents they have done a lot of work on this website . They have put links on the website for where to buy the dvd on blu ray so they can make more revenue on the dvd and more people buy it. The spotlights in the backround of the picture is to show how many people was watching them at the circus . 6.6 million people like this website on facebook as it appeals to younger people that might use facebook .
  3. 3. At the bottom it has story mode , downloads, videos, games and a buy it now and yet again it is animated and moves when you hover the mouse over it, they also have a game based on each character . 2. From your initial analysis explain who the target audience are and how you know this. GENDER/AGE/ETHNICITY/SEXUALITY The target audience can be for male and female from the age of about 4-12years of age but it is a family sort of film and isn’t violent or have swearing or anything so some adult may watch it with there kids and there is a range of ethnicity as actors doing the voices of the characters . 3. Now its time to have a look around this website, explain what features the website has and how these features would appeal to the target audience (make a list of these) ENTERTAIN/INFORM/EDUCATE/ESCAPE/SELF-ESTEEM FEATURE OF THE WEBSITE REASON IT WOULD APPEAL? games It would attract people to play the games and if they like the games they would buy the film then tell friends and they would buy it . story This tells you mainly what the film is about and if you like the sound of it they will go and buy it . soundtrack They have a Madagascar soundtrack that carry’s all the songs in the film so you can listen to them .
  4. 4. FEATURE OF THE WEBSITE REASON IT WOULD APPEAL? “shoot cannon” When you press the link “shoot cannon’ it shoots ‘Marty’ the zebra out of the cannon and he talks . Certain games Banana blaster would appeal to boys more than girls as it is shooting bananas at people chasing you, as the memory game is for both genders . videos On the videos page there is loads of clips of the film and trailers and that . Language On the bottom left on the screen it has a language button where it can translate different countries . 4. Find out if there are any examples of synergy on the website. Explain how the film company has worked with other companies to reach their TARGET AUDIENCE and promote their film. Yes there is some synergy’s as the website itself is a synergy and it also has video’s , clips ,games and songs all on this website this means it contains synergy’s that go together . 5. In your own words explain how effective you think the website is. I think the target demographic id for younger kids to play with as it aimed for younger kids from 4- 14 or adults that watch it with there children but the website is good because it is animated when you press or hover over the links and games that are ment for younger kids to play . KEY MEDIA WORDS TO INCLUDE: A*/A Grade - SIGNIFIES, TARGET DEMOGRAPHIC, AUDIENCE GRATIFICATIONS, CONNOTATIONS, AUDIENCE PROFILE, REPRESENTS, GENRE SIGNIFIERS B/C Grade - SIGNIFIES, TARGET AUDIENCE, AUDIENCE PLEASURES, CONNOTATIONS, REPRESENTATION D/E Grade - TARGET AUDIENCE, CONNOTATIONS, GENRE