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Twitter for science outreach

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This study investigates how Twitter can serve as support and resource for science outreach. Emerging media platforms are changing the way publics interact with scientific information. Novel forms of Twitter engagement are challenging science communicators, institutions and researchers to re-think how they approach science outreach activities. Museums are attracted to Twitter as a tool to entertain, engage, and inform Twitter users with a behind-the-scenes; to solicit the public’s opinion on potential exhibit topics; to advance theirs educational aims; to help schools plan visits; to provide the public with information about collections they may want to visit and to learn more about natural history collections. Twitter allows institutions to reach out to the public about experimental topics and stories that wouldn’t necessarily be newspaper-worthy, and to improve individuals’ knowledge on scientific topics making them aware of the importance of scientific research. Space agencies organize tweet up to stimulate public knowledge and excitement around scientific disciplines, and Researchers tweet selfies to show people that scientists aren’t just anti-social people wearing lab coats. They promote twitter chats with classrooms to instil in students an interest in science, and use Twitter for fundraising and to invite non-scientists at participating in research projects.

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Twitter for science outreach

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