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  1. MODALS Welcome to our week 5-6 English class!
  2. MELC • Use modal verbs, nouns and adverbs appropriately OBJECTIVE • identify different types of modals and analyze their varying purposes.
  3. A. The girl might ride a horse. B. The girl can ride a horse.
  4. MODAL - auxiliary or helping verbs. They may be used in expressing permission, obligation and prohibition.
  6. How to Use Permissio n = Can I use your ballben? CAN Ability/possibili ty = Anna can cook delicious adobo. Request = Anthony, can you give me the book? refers to a general truth or something that has a strong possibility.
  7. Example: = You can’t go out during the community quarantine. CAN’T = You can’t buy any alcoholic beverages due to liquor ban. = Marites can’t drive a car. used in dealing with something against rules, laws and signs.
  8. How to Use Permissio n = Could I borrow your pen? COULD Possibility = I think we could have another snack. Ability = He could work harder. Request = Could you say it again? used as a more polite and more formal modal has a weak possibility, or not necessarily a general truth.
  9. How to Use Permissio n = May I go to the restroom? MAY Possibility = I may be late today. the most polite and formal modal used in asking and giving permission. Used in situations which are factual and likely to happen.
  10. How to Use Might Possibility = I might be late today. used in sentences when there is a possibility of occurrence of an event but to a smaller extent. Used in situations which are hypothetical and unlikely to happen.
  11. How to Use WILL Decision = I will walk to school tomorrow Shows an action that is expected to take place in the future. Offer = I will do that for you if you will wait me. Promise = I will fetch you after school.
  12. How to Use WOULD Permission= Would you mind if I bought a friend here? Past tense of will and indicates an action that would happen under certain conditions. Request = Would you mind waiting me a moment? Invitation = Would you like to play basketball?
  13. How to Use Shall Offer = Shall I get you some drinks? Show strong intention/assertion about an action that will happen in future. Suggestion = Shall I say 2.30 then? Invitation = Shall we dance?
  14. How to Use Should = You should study hard to get high grades. Shows advice or a strong suggestion. Suggestion = We should solve this problem immediately.
  15. Examples: Must = She is sick. She has high fever. She must take a pill. Shows very strong advice/ obligation = You mustn’t ride your bike without a helmet! Mustn't Shows things you're not allowed to do.
  16. Examples: have to - has to I have to be in the airport before the flight departure. shows obligation and giving advice. She has to submit her report on time.
  17. Examples: Don’t have to – Doesn’t have to She doesn’t have to attend the funeral if she is not feeling well. used to express no obligation. You don’t have to come to my office in person. You may submit it online.
  18. 1. There’s a lot of distractions coming from passing vehicles. _____ Anthony close the door? A. must B. could C. would D. can 2. Jossiah _____ start investing now if she wants to retire soon. A. can B. may C. would D. have to 3. Rey _____ come to the session but his presence would lighten the mood if he’s there. A. couldn’t B. can’t C. mustn’t D. don’t have to 4. Pirena can’t get a connection on her gadget. _____ she borrow yours? A. have to B. may C. can D. would 5. It’s a controlled room. Unauthorized persons _____ come inside. A. don’t have to B. can’t C. wouldn’t D. couldn’t Choose the modal that best completes each statement. Write the letters of your answers in your notebook.
  19. Choose the most appropriate modal in each sentence. Write your answer on the blank. 1.You _________ (must, can) to your parents’ advice. 2.You _________ (can’t, won’t) park in this driveway. 3.People _________ (shouldn’t, couldn’t) waste food. 4.(Will, Would) _________ it rain on Sunday? 5.(Could, Must) _________ I have a lemon tea, please? 6.He _________ (would, should) do more exercise every day. 7. You _________ (mustn’t, couldn’t) drink alcohol. 8._________ (Shall, Can) you play the piano while she sings? 9.I _________ (wouldn’t, won’t) play baseball because my feet hurt. 10._________ (Could, Would) you like to ride a train instead of a jeepney?

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  1. Can - refers to a general truth or something that has a strong possibility.
  2. Can - refers to a general truth or something that has a strong possibility.