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  1. 1. http://www.flickr.com/photos/susanvg/3382838948/sizes/l/ collaborating in the cloud
  2. 2. tools: co-writing google docs zoho.com • papers & reports • project proposals • surveys • presentations • etc
  3. 3. ‘synchronous’ co-writing googledocs (or typewith.me) & skype (or google talk)
  4. 4. skype as a(n) (a)synchronous group channel
  5. 5. collecting tool: diigo.com resources sharing bookmarks annotating web pages highlighting texts etc
  6. 6. taking tool: evernote.com notes digital note taking snapshots of websites tagging content etc
  7. 7. sharing tool: dropbox.com files
  8. 8. organising tools: mendeley.com references zotero.org citeulike.org collect organise & cite your bibliographical references
  9. 9. collective tools: ning.com scivee.tv intelligence buddypress.org social network sites collaborating with a wider audience
  10. 10. joint tools: pbworks.com wikispaces.com projects wetpaint.com wikis: engaging in a collaborative process; co-developing a web resource...
  11. 11. getting started... www.flickr.com/photos/turtlemom_nancy/1914397629/sizes/o/  • analyse your needs • start with what suits your purpose better • check where ‘your community’ is, when choosing between similar services stuck? http://webpossibilities.pbworks.com
  12. 12. Cristina Costa c.mendesdacosta@salford.ac.uk www.knowmansland.com