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Right of life, cristian carter

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Right of life, cristian carter

  1. 1. Cristian Carter http://cristcarter4.spaces.live.com 2. ABOUT RIGHT TO LIFE, ABORTION, DEATH PENALTY AND EUTHANASIA Of Cristian Carter http://cristcarter4.spaces.live.com www.scribd.com/cristcarter “While mankind continue massacring to their fellows, the animals, suffering will reign, because anyone who sows sorrow and death cannot harvest nor joy, nor peace, nor love and happiness” Pythagoras LIFE is the gift from God, - from something which transcends and covers us – and it is good to take care of it in all sense. From this gift, intelligence is a part of the gift in an advanced and complex way compared to other animals, and sometimes it is used for ridiculous purposes against ourselves, nature and environment, and it is supposed that the other animals had less development and neuronal complexity, so, therefore, they have less intelligence, which is doubtful, because of cruelty, damages and destruction for unconscious and lack of transcendental integral intelligence of human beings. BOOKS, AND UNIVERSAL MENTALITY, ON www.scribd.com/cristcarter
  2. 2. Cristian Carter http://cristcarter4.spaces.live.com The disasters we have made have been historical facts, known for everyone: wars; atomic bombs; thousands of deaths on behalf of God or ideas of sick people; animals killing and cruelty; and destruction of flora and fauna, to benefit financial interests of some sick people (psychopathology because of lack of conscious of human superior human values, like respect for life and sustainable development for the future generations). Harmony with nature, intelligence and spirituality is an invitation for develop a better world in harmony with the entire Universe, because everything and everybody are connected in behaviour. Every act has a consequence in the world (Newton), and is based on thinking (quantum physical).... So, what we think about? Life, in all sense, in all its facets, human and animal, deserves respect and protection. It is not just the beautiful speech which hails from it; it is certain that through its genuine respect and protection, the needed conditions for a healthy life are created, and transcends beyond the possible arguments in favour of it. The posture in favour of it, banning abortion, death penalty and euthanasia, is a deep sight which leads to other state of universal development in terms of integral social happiness. Without respect for life, any advance is just material and short-term. IF WE SAY NO TO ABORTION, then protecting our lives, and, of course, with the basis of creating the conditions for those children, in order they can grow up in a world containing the minimal conditions which enable their integral growth and development, such as food, affect, values, clothing, education, health, justice and freedom. It’s a fact that while creating a social dynamic of respect and development in groups of harmony, because the society itself becomes supportive, a conscious society in where each and every one of its inhabitants are benefited of this consciousness of life and good. The same can be applied to the CASE OF DEATH PENALTY, against a system in which sanctions are proportional to crimes; and in which the ones who can’t or don’t want to be reinstated in society could be on places in where the rest can’t be affected, because also the State must look after safety and respect of human right, life and psychological and physical integrity of the other inhabitants, who’d grow up in a safer world in order to reach their happiness. BOOKS, AND UNIVERSAL MENTALITY, ON www.scribd.com/cristcarter
  3. 3. Cristian Carter http://cristcarter4.spaces.live.com To proclaim about right to life is useless if neither we look after the ones who DON’T WANT to respect it. In this instance, the state must be strong, of course, regarding to limits in human rights, as procedural guarantees. For instance, it’s absurd to collectively achieve high minimum wages and be killed while going to work from home, v.gr. To the taxi driver, or the jeweller who’d been robbed four times during the year. It’s also as unacceptable as living behind bars and jail safety systems. The victims of those crimes also have human rights to look after. The system also gives means for people who want and are willing to change and be reinstated in society (training, job opportunities, psychological and psychiatric therapies, etc.), because all of us can also fall into behaviour instability and we deserve to be given another chance, to find the light again in a plural altruist society. There are other known crimes as murders, which cause great clear sorrow to social mind and victims; certainly, that murderer’s death causes a surprisingly wide shadow, in which a more violent society causes more violence. Without affecting the other strong effective means that society uses for defence, it must be based on superior arguments, such as human’s life and dignity. THE CASE OF EUTHANASIA, which comprehends the psychological pain of a sick person suffering a disease, and, of course, battles with physical pains with all thecomplex tools created for science, is a way to accept the failure of life, and it shows that our society hasn’t gone forward in order to ensure the person’s happiness beyond worldly material problems. The professionals must be focused on mental behaviour branches and spiritual masters in order to teach people to enjoy life in a happy positive way. Here I say that the problems will be problems according our point of view of life; the problems don’t exist without us, we are the problem according to our particular point of view. “Let’s learn to be flexible and to charge the life happily, beyond factual circumstances”. Euthanasia is a sign of our life in a society overwhelmed in materialism, being love and BOOKS, AND UNIVERSAL MENTALITY, ON www.scribd.com/cristcarter
  4. 4. Cristian Carter http://cristcarter4.spaces.live.com spiritual issues the most important things to reach the feeling of happiness we deserve, which constitutes an upper right we must reach. In my life, I’ve known hundreds of unhappy bitter frustrated people although they have money and power. It’s good to learn about studies on happiness and its connection to lovely interpersonal relations. Life is, ethical and legally, the most appreciated item (that’s why it’s specially protected in international treaties, including respect to physical and psychological integrity); so, about THE GROUNDS FOR ACQUITTAL ON PENAL RESPONSIBILITY, – except for self-defence – the state of need (I mean, to damage an asset in order to save another one of more category; e.g.: I break a door to save a person), cannot exempt from penal responsibility to someone who makes an attempt on other person’s life, even to save his/her own life; precisely, because life is a legal item, ethical and, naturally, the most transcendental, the most appreciated and the item with the higher rank. So, those interpretations which lead to exempt from someone who kills another one to save his/her own life are old-fashioned and wrong, for instance, a person eats anyone else in order not to die for starvation, or the one who kills a child in order to “calm down the Gods” (if only God can justify death) . This is produced because it leads to the absurdity of automatically make an attempt against right of life, which is a basic immanent human right, and furthermore, it can be used on chaotic cases of political or food crisis. Furthermore, following the same logic, the one who kills other one in order to extract his/her vital organs in order to save his/her own life, must also be justifiable. The latter case mathematically shows that while the same logic exposed in the previously seen examples exists, an unforgivable absurdity also exists. The right of life therefore requires from everybody, the respect for dignity of each one of the living beings, and their right to integral and freely develop themselves on the basis of dignity and love, which leads to a happy world, which can be reached. It is easy if we want it, if we have thoughts and behaviour which leads to respect. Transcendentally, we are what we want to be. The penal sanctions and huge fines that countries give to abuse against animals and protection of flora and fauna are right in this sense. BOOKS, AND UNIVERSAL MENTALITY, ON www.scribd.com/cristcarter
  5. 5. Cristian Carter http://cristcarter4.spaces.live.com Every decision and thought we have has an effect on our lives and environment, so we are right if we change in this sense, based on a world of relativism, those essential values, human rights, that if they outweigh in our conscious and minds, foretell a sure way of happiness and sustainable development for the whole humanity. In the last decades, the world has substantially changed, technology, values and conscious (the natural rights, which are deduced by goodness and love) have advanced and improved, and now, we have reached a point in where if we don’t concrete these superior values, and the darkness, negativism, evilness, corruption, envy, extreme competitiveness, lack of solidarity, lack of love, and other negative emotions and thoughts – which show our low mental, cultural and spiritual level – continue in the political speeches and in our lives, we are ad portas of our failure as human, in where depression, stress and sadness will be taking over. Otherwise, if we take our conscious, worldwide, of this gifts of God, or something superior, or nature, or the Universe – or as you want to understand them, looking at the content of this message – we will take over from a mediocre, unhappy, ill and unfair society, to a BETTER, HAPPIER one, in where, as a whole humanity, from the same race and nature (we all hail from Africa and have adapted to the means; in science, the concept of “race” doesn’t exist), beyond material differences, colours, sexual options or religious believes, can live in peace, responsible freedom (respect to oneself and the others) and love; which are the basis of the honest happiness, transcendental and raised from our internal ego, and is then expressed through each one of us, through our behaviour, in everyone’s happiness, based on the respect of universal superior values, or human rights. BOOKS, AND UNIVERSAL MENTALITY, ON www.scribd.com/cristcarter