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Purpose, truth and autenticity

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Presented during “How To Create Powerful Brand Stories” - 2017 Medinge Autumn Meeting, Oslo, Norway

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Purpose, truth and autenticity

  1. 1. PURPOSE, TRUTH AND AUTHENTICITY Oslo, 7 September 2017
  2. 2. PURPOSE ‘A principle isn’t a principle unless it costs you something’
  3. 3. TRUTH AND AUTHENTICITY ‘The spelling out of inner necessity’
  4. 4. Bullies
  5. 5. Bullies
  6. 6. 10 • Equating Purpose with communications • Principles not deeply rooted in the organizational culture • A willingness to compromise – expediency trumps ethics • Co-opting people’s interests and beliefs WHY BRANDS FAIL
  7. 7. 12 • No…not if the Purpose is true and authentic; integrated into the organization • An issue of responsibility: knowing where you stand on the fundamental concerns of society • Focus on doing • Use the power of narrative to engage people with the purpose – especially employees THE END OF PURPOSE? ‘MY PROBLEM WITH HEINEKEN IS NOT THAT IT ISN’T ‘SELLING’. IT’S THAT IT’S MONETISING SOCIAL CAUSES, OFFERING GLIB ANSWERS AND PUSHING THE ILLUSION THAT YOU’RE DOING GOOD BY CHOOSING A BRAND OF BEER’ NICK ASBURY, CREATIVE REVIEW