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Advertising, Creatiuvedge Justifier

Advertising is not just a business,it's a clear understanding between client and agency. Justifications & knowledge feeding to client is most important.

"One customer well taken care of" is worth of million dollar business.

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Advertising, Creatiuvedge Justifier

  1. 1. Comparison Analysis: Television media Print media Radio frequency Outdoor & Digital media
  2. 2. Television media: It’s a mix of audio visual media & also known as mass medium or effective tool for brand builder through unique concept and theme. And, it does not have limited area restrictions like newspapers. Print media works on limited liabilities based on split editions. Program segments will vary both national & regional channels. Cost calculations: Based upon spot (10sec commercial duration) irrespective of channel segments. Measuring factors: Reach (Urban, Rural & Deep Interior Market), Positioning across MSO’s, DTH & Individual Control Rooms, GRP & TRP’s
  3. 3. Print media: Print media has different verticals like newspapers & magazines (Regional & National) dailies. They works on specific language focus & market based on editions. Above all they are clustered with multiple ads in every single spread sheet. Comparably releasing one Ad either in national or regional daily is bit expensive than audio visual medium instead of losing presence in a short while on print. (Print sustainable recall validity is approximately 2hours) Cost calculation: Based upon per SQCM (Per column width x Height). irrespective of publications both national & regional dailies. Measuring factors: Print on Copy Per Day, Net Sale Copy Per Day, No. of Split Editions, Readership, ABC Figures Group & Split.
  4. 4. Radio frequency (FM & MW): Radio medium is audible mode of communication which has in two different frequency module as we all know in general. They are mainly catered to attract listeners even when they are in move from one place to another. This medium is also work according to the specific market stations. Cost calculations: Based upon spot (10 sec commercial duration) irrespective of channel segments. Measuring factor: Frequency levels, Mode of Bandwidth, Reach in Radius, Weekly Listenership Ratings, AC Neilson Report, Signal Wave (MW & FM)
  5. 5. Outdoor media: Eventually outdoor is also known as brand building via visibility media through hoardings & shelters (Lit & Non lit) to do advertising campaigns and they are usually be enforced before the product or service launch. They are made to attract audience in major Traffic junctions, Malls & on Highway roads particularly this will work on urban market & metro cities. Cost calculations: Based upon size of the hoarding, Facing, Location, Visibility from a distance & Rentals per SFT on monthly. Measuring factors: Condition of the hoarding, Shape, Flex mounting feasibility, Mounting charges, Maintenance guarantee by the hoarding owners, Corporation Taxes, Approx Distance Visibility, Facing of the hoarding, Illumination with Lit or Non lit.
  6. 6. Digital media: Digital media is an online campaigning activity via major search engines, public website domains, Public email accounts, Information web portals, B2B websites & Social Media Websites. Such are mainly focused to specific & targeted crowd depending upon the individual traffic analytic & with stand sustainability of the user on an any particular website and also depends on page reviews & rank. Cost calculations: Advertisers own selection (City & Country Wise), Number of impressions, Pay per clicks, Cost per action, Cost per impression & Business leads. Measuring factors: Quick access, Average traffic per day, Clicks, Traffic sustainability, Customer friendly website, Content deliverables, Site appearance, Inbound links, Broken links.
  7. 7. Vision beyond edge Thanks