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Buyer Presentation

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Home Buyer Presentation

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Buyer Presentation

  1. 1. Home Purchase Plan Important information when buying a home. Craig & Jill
  2. 2. Home Purchase Plan ONE Company, ONE Resource, ONE Solution ONE GREAT EXPERIENCE! For Your Home Services
  3. 3. Know Your Agent Home Purchase Plan Members: – National Association of Realtors – Nebraska Association of Realtors – Omaha Area Board of Realtors – Great Plains Multiple Listing Service Together we can make your home purchase process Craig Anderson, SIOR Jill Anderson a pleasant experience! 402-697-4161 Craig.Anderson@cbshome.com Jill.Anderson@cbshome.com
  4. 4. Welcome to CBSHOME Home Purchase Plan What are your objectives? – Why are you interested in buying? – What needs / concerns do you have? – What time frames need to be met?
  5. 5. CBSHOME Real Estate Home Purchase Plan Owned by HomeServices of America Berkshire Hathaway Affiliate Based in Minneapolis, M Operations in 20 States More than 21,000 Sales Associates 2nd Largest Full-service Independent Residential Real Estate Brokerage Firm The Largest Brokerage-owned Settlement Services Provider in the United States - Mortgage, Title, Escrow, & Insurance
  6. 6. CBSHOME - The Leader Home Purchase Plan Establishing Solid Customer Relationships Finding the Right Home Streamlining the Home Transaction Process Handling all the Details “One Stop Shopping” from Client Contact to Closing!
  7. 7. Our Sales Offices Home Purchase Plan Northwest West Downtown Dodge Council Pacific Bluffs Davenport Street Lakeside Southwind Bellevue
  8. 8. Our Sales Associates Home Purchase Plan More than 600 Sales Associates – 25% of the metro’s sales force – 50% of the area’s transactions Average 15.7 transactions per agent annually – Top 500 Brokers national average is 10 Full-time, highly trained, productive, and experienced
  9. 9. Our Team Home Purchase Plan Largest and Most Successful Team 1.7 Billion in 2006 Combined Sales Volume – Full-time Management Team – Education Department – Agent on duty 7 days a week – Admin staff available 7 days a week – Full-service In-House Marketing Department – 24/7 Technical Support – Relocation Services
  10. 10. Our Voice Home Purchase Plan Committed to Quality Service Systematically Survey Every Seller & Buyer 99.6% Customer Satisfaction Rating
  11. 11. Our Homeownership Services Home Purchase Plan Conveniently located in CBSHOME Sales Offices:
  12. 12. Our Team plus Home Purchase Plan Our Voice plus Our Home Ownership Services equals An Unparalled Customer Experience!
  13. 13. Agency Representation Home Purchase Plan Buyer Agency Seller Agency Dual Agency Exclusive Buyer Agency
  14. 14. Buyer Agency Home Purchase Plan A buyer’s agent works solely on behalf of the buyer to promote the interests of the buyers with the utmost good faith, loyalty, and fidelity.
  15. 15. Seller Agency Home Purchase Plan A seller’s agent (or listing agent) works solely on behalf of the seller to promote the interests of the seller with the utmost good faith, loyalty and fidelity. The agent negotiates on behalf of and acts as an advocate for the seller.
  16. 16. Dual Agency Home Purchase Plan An agent who, with the written, informed consent of all parties to a contemplated real estate transaction, represents both the seller and the buyer.
  17. 17. Exclusive Buyer Agency Home Purchase Plan A mutual commitment to each other, with a written agreement between us outlining our mutual expectations and responsibilities. – Essentially you make a commitment to work with us and in exchange we agree to work 110% to find you a home. – Our exclusive buyer agency clients are always our number 1 priority!
  18. 18. Your CBSHOME Sales Associate Home Purchase Plan Single point of contact Available by phone, e-mail, and in person Information Access – Multiple Listing Service (MLS) – Tax Assessors Database – School District Information – Chamber of Commerce – Etc. Provide a thorough overview of available property
  19. 19. Home Buying Process Home Purchase Plan Consultation with Agent to Analyze Needs Establish a Working Relationship with Agent Financial Pre-Qualification or Pre-Approval Select Properties View Properties Write an Offer to Purchase Earnest Money
  20. 20. Home Buying Process Home Purchase Plan Acceptance of Contract Inspections Remove Contingencies Mortgage Application Credit Report Appraisal Verifications Underwriting Rejection Conditions
  21. 21. Home Buying Process Home Purchase Plan Loan Approval Remove Contingencies Title Exam, Insurance, Title Company Title Survey Assemble Documents Closing (Filing of Deed) You Own Your New Home! Possession of Keys
  22. 22. Financial Qualifying Home Purchase Plan What price range did you have in mind? How did you decide on that amount? What monthly payment are you comfortable with?
  23. 23. Arranging Your Pre-Approved Mortgage Home Purchase Plan Expertise to make the difference for you Consultants available in every CBSHOME sales office Wide range of products and programs Assistance in evaluating available loan options Getting Pre-Approved – Allows you to understand your financing alternatives – Better positions you to purchase your new home
  24. 24. Finding the Right Home Home Purchase Plan Determine Your Requirements – Tell us your most important considerations in selecting a home. Review, Select, and Tour Properties • We will search for homes by … – Reading all homes for sales ads – Driving through selected neighborhoods – Calling for Sale by Owners – Contacting expired listings – Searching other real estate office listings • We will make appointments to show you the homes that interest you OR give you the address for you to drive by and let us know if you would like to look inside.
  25. 25. Your CBSHOME Page Home Purchase Plan www.cbshome.com Features such as: – Save This Property – Save This Search – TRIO Registration is … Quick, Easy, & Free
  26. 26. Buying in a Buyer’s Market Home Purchase Plan Advantages – Interest Rates are at a historic low – Opportunity with the amount of inventory – OK to pay full market value – Negotiation of price
  27. 27. Planning to Buy Your Home Home Purchase Plan As your agent we will … – Prepare the final Purchase Agreement and all other necessary forms. – Promptly present all written offers to the seller and monitor all pre-settlement activities throughout the closing process. – Coordinate any inspections and review closing details after the Purchase Agreement is fully executed.
  28. 28. Title Insurance Home Purchase Plan Protects you as a buyer, against loss arising from defects already existing on the title. Nebraska Land Title and Abstract – The most financially sound and respected national underwriters in the industry today! – Experienced Staff of more than 55 employees • Title Examiners, Escrow Officers and Support Staff – Conveniently located in CBSHOME Sales Offices – Committed to a smooth and successful closing
  29. 29. Handling the Details Home Purchase Plan Guiding you through the process Keeping you informed Making sure all forms and contracts are in order Complying with all Federal, State, and Local regulations
  30. 30. Committed to Quality Service Home Purchase Plan 98.8% of the CBSHOME clients and customers are very satisfied with their home buying or selling experience. Our biggest accomplishment is pleasing you. We pride ourselves in delivering quality service and results to you and your family!