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Franchising your Business - Franchise ASAP

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But You –
Think it’s too expensive?
Think it’s too complicated?
Don’t understand the profit potential?

What IS The Profit Potential?
Sell ONE franchise – pays for the cost of franchising
Sell FOUR franchises – DOUBLE your bottom line
Creates a 10- year profit stream of $1 million

What About Too Complicated?
Franchise Disclosure Document:
Details what’s involved in buying your franchise
Franchise Agreement:
Contract detailing who is responsible for what
Operations Manual:
Details running your franchise and your business

What About TOO Expensive?
Total cost to franchise is $20,000. Which includes:
Franchise Disclosure Document
Franchise Agreement
Attorney Review
Operations Manual
All of this is paid for when you sell just ONE Franchise
and collect the $25,000 Franchise Fee.

Your Business IS Franchisable IF:
You have a business model that has a 20% True Net Profit
This allows your Franchisee to pay you a 5% Royalty
Leaving 15% Net Profit to give him a comfortable living
at an expected sales volume.

To Sum This All Up:
You pay for the cost of franchising with the sale of ONE Franchise
You DOUBLE your bottom line with the sale of just FOUR Franchises
WE provide all the documents. YOU simply answer a few questions.

Who We Are: Franchise ASAP
We have developed 80+ different franchises in the last 6 years
We have you ready to sell franchises in just 6 weeks
We have you ready to train your 1st Franchisee in another 6 weeks
We have financing for you or your Franchisees if needed

About Our Staff at Franchise ASAP
4 Experienced Franchise Development Staff
Always available when YOU need us
+ Experienced Franchise Attorney
+ Experienced Trademark Attorney

Call Tom @ 770-595-1055
Or email Tom@franchiseasap.com

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Franchising your Business - Franchise ASAP

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