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Better software

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For a Dell Stockhold event on 26 March 2019.

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Better software

  1. 1. Monolithic Transformation How large organizations get better at software March, 2019 @cote cote.coffee/bettersoftware 1
  2. 2. 2
  4. 4. Source: "Leap of Agile Faith,” Mojgan Lefebvre, SVP & Chief Information Officer, Global Specialty, Liberty Mutual Insurance, June, 2017. You don’t need robot dogs to thrive & grow 4
  5. 5. Methodology Tools Platform Cloud native software Your teams Culture vSphere Openstack AWS Google Cloud Azure AppTX PCFS €£$ Becoming product-centric by increasing dev productivity & ops efficiency
  6. 6. “Our developers are now totally focused on our customers and the user experience.” Xavier Perret, Orange France 6 A new business app in ⅓ less time, used by 50% of customers Source "Going Cloud-Native at Orange France," Pivotal Insights #53, 2018; "Transformation Digitale de la Direction Enterprise France," Philippe Benaben, Gan Zifroni, Nicolas Gilot, Orange France, July 2018
  7. 7. 7Source: “CEOs and Software,” Rymer & Hammond, Forrester, Jan 2019.
  8. 8. An evolving agenda for technical leadership Enable autonomous, DevOps/product teams. Choose the layer of abstraction. Govern through a platform as a product. Re-architect IT from projects to products. Hands on with modernizing the organization. 8 More: http://cote.io/bettersoftware/
  9. 9. Mobile payments Mortgage application Mortgage approval Bill pay Transfers ! ! Private or public IaaS "#$Culture, process, methodology, governance, compensation, etc. Leadership, EAs, etc. Platform Engineers Product teams Corporate strategy, revenue goals, mission, etc. %&'( ) * ☁ “The Business”
  10. 10. 10
  11. 11. 11 If I’m doing 8 or 15 releases a week, how am I going to get through all those CABs?” Mark Ardito, HCSC “
  12. 12. Choose, govern, and garden the right platform 12 Source: CF Summit Europe 2018, Vincent Oostindië, Rabobank.
  13. 13. Embedded OS (Windows & Linux) NSX-T CPI (15 methods) Java | .NET | NodeJS Pivotal Application Service (PAS) Application Code & Frameworks Buildpacks | Spring Boot | Spring Cloud | Steeltoe Elastic | COTS | Spark Pivotal Container Service (PKS) >cf push >kubectl run Pivotal Services Marketplace Pivotal and Partner Products OpenServiceBrokerAPI Pivotal Function Service vSphere OpenStack AWS Google Cloud Azure & Azure Stack Coming Soon!
  14. 14. What does successful platform as a product look like? A Fully Dedicated and Balanced Team (Product Owner/Product Manager, Platform Engineers) By: Resulting In:Empowered to: Strong Executive Sponsorship with a well communicated vision Speaking Directly to Developers Conducting Hypothesis Driven Experiments Using Quick Feedback Loops Making Metric Driven Decisions Define Product Strategy Prioritize Backlog Release Updates & Patches to Platform Challenge Legacy Processes Focus on Reliability Solutions to Real Business & Customer Problems Minimizing Waste Increased Velocity Maximized ROI Good Product/Market Fit
  15. 15. Enterprise architecture as code 15Sources: Enterprise Architecture as Strategy, Jeanne W. Ross, Peter Weill, David Robertson, 2006; Ranji Narine at SpringOne Platform 2017.
  16. 16. 16 Source: Govern through the platform
  17. 17. Mobile payments Mortgage application Mortgage approval Bill pay Transfers ! ! Private or public IaaS "#$Culture, process, methodology, governance, compensation, etc. Leadership, EAs, etc. Platform Engineers Product teams Corporate strategy, revenue goals, mission, etc. %&'( ) * ☁ “The Business”
  18. 18. A consistent product process that drives validated design 18 Sources: "Sky is the Limit for Cloud Foundry at AirFrance-KLM," Nathan Wattimena & Fabien Lebrere, AirFrance-KLM, Oct. 2018; “Why Change? Small batch thinking,” Coté, Sep. 2018.
  19. 19. From 37% availability to $440m in back taxes User-centric, small batch Only 37% of calls answered, shrinking budgets From 2 year to 9 week releases 2m+ users paid $440m in taxes Sources: “‘Your IRS Wait Time is 3 Hours’ - Is Lean Possible in Government?”, Emily Price, Pivotal, April 2017; “Agile Transformation is Product Management,” podcast, Oct 2017; “Minimum Viable Taxes: Lessons learned building an MVP inside the IRS,” slides, Andrea Schneider & Lauren Gilchrist, 2015. See another write-up. Before After
  20. 20. Product centric, balanced teams 20Source: “Developer & Culture Transformation,” Jason Williams, Dick’s Sporting Goods, s1p 2018.
  21. 21. From coding 20% of the time coding to coding 90% of the time An agile methodology, proven over 25+ years: Balanced teams w/all roles needed, dedicated to the product Paired programming, & beyond Test-driven Development Short iterations Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery 21 Source: “Don’t Forget People and Process in Your Digital Transformation,” Allstate case study, March, 2017. Sources: VW.
  22. 22. Mobile payments Mortgage application Mortgage approval Bill pay Transfers ! ! Private or public IaaS "#$Culture, process, methodology, governance, compensation, etc. Org. leadership Platform Engineers Product teams Corporate strategy, revenue goals, mission, etc. %&'( ) * ☁ “The Business”
  23. 23. 23 Sources: Leading Change, John P. Kotter, 2012; “Navigating the Sea of ’No’s,’” John Osborn, GAIC, Dec 2017; Leading Change, John P. Kotter, 2012; "Disruption from Within,” Thomas Squeo, West Corporation, May, 2018; “Zero to 12 Million,” Brendan Aye, T-Mobile USA, s1p, Dec 2017. “Executive sponsorship for us was absolutely critical. Without that we could not have gotten anywhere that we needed to be.” Brendan Aye
  24. 24. Changing is often too hard, so create a new organization 24
  25. 25. Starting: “pilot low-risk apps, and ramp-up.” 25 Sources: Home Depot meetup, Oct 2015; Humana at CF Summit 2015; “Getting started,” Coté, Oct 2016; Comcast’s Christopher Tretina at SP1 2016; “Cloud-Native at Home Depot, With Tony McCulley”; "Bottom Up Enterprise Transformation," Kyle Campos, CSAA Insurance, CF Summit EU, Oct 2017. Number of AI’s equates to ~130 apps composed on ~900 services. HARD LESS IMPORTANT IMPORTANT EASY
  26. 26. Internal marketing, branding, etc. 26 Sources: Talanx; Duke Energy; Allstate; "Take DevOps to 11 and Sprinkle Cloud on it with Rainbows and Unicorns," Matt Curry, s1p 2017; customer discussions.
  27. 27. Cover w/ Image “If that crusty, old .Net developer can do it, anyone can,” transforming people 1. Most people are skeptical for good reasons 2. They enjoy doing IT if it’s rewarding 3. Volunteer based at first, building up peer-to-peer marketing 4. Also, there’s plenty of more comforting IT for grumpy people to work on Source: “Navigating the Sea of ’No’s,’” John Osborn, GAIC, Dec 2017; Dealing with Grumps, Coté, May 2018.
  28. 28. 28 We hire people with the required capabilities and pair them up with the incumbents, and the result is that those capabilities are multiplied across the organization. This is rooted in the simple belief that in order to learn something, you must experience and practice it rather than hear about it in a classroom setting.” Piyush Gupta, DBS Bank “ Source: "In Control: Q&A With DBS CEO Piyush Gupta," Gordon Platt, 2018.
  29. 29. Don’t build infrastructure, build applications 250+ apps supported by 3 ops staff, autonomous DevOps/product teams Idea to production In 2 days; 3 months to market vs yrs; 80% of dev time coding Small teams deploying to production in minutes, not days. Sources: CF Summit Europe 2018, Vincent Oostindië, Rabobank; Crafting your cloud-native strategy, Coté, 2017; Mojgan Lefebvre, Liberty Mutual, June, 2017; Interview with Orange’s Xavier Perret, 2017; "A Unifying Foundation for the Customer Journey at Mercedes-Benz," BuiltToAdapt, Apr 2018; Allianz interview, Sep 2016. Modernized app, rolled out 20 countries in 5 months. 40% policy strike rate, vs. 20% industry average. 29 40%+ productivity/cost, rebooted member facing app.
  30. 30. 30 @cote | cote@pivotal.io http://cote.coffee/bettersoftware/