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Labelling requirements cosmetics seminar

labeling requirements cosmetics regulations

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Labelling requirements cosmetics seminar

  2. 2. OUTLINE OF PRESENTATION Definition of Labeling Labeling Requirements - Salient Features Small /Odd Size Packs Relabeling Scope Company’s Responsibilities : Premise Personnel Cosmetics Seminar 2001 Process
  3. 3. OTHER RELEVANT LAWS Price Control Act Trade Description Act Weight and Measures Act Metrication Guidelines Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  4. 4. LABELING - OBJECTIVE To provide information for the consumers to make an informed choice AND To assist the regulators in carrying out surveillance activities Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  5. 5. LABELING MEANS... ...information written; printed; or graphic matter on the immediate or outer packaging and any form of leaflet. Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  6. 6. LABELING REQUIREMENTS Product name and its function* Name of Cosmetic Product The name given to a cosmetic product, which may be an invented name, together with a trade mark or the name of the manufacturer. Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  7. 7. LABELING REQUIREMENTS Use instruction* * unless it is clear from the presentation of the product. Country of manufacture Example: Made in China Manufactured in USA Country of origin: Thailand Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  8. 8. LABELING REQUIREMENTS The name and address of the company or person responsible for placing the product on the local market. The contents given by weight or volume - metric or both metric and imperial unit Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  9. 9. LABELING REQUIREMENTS Manufacturing date OR expiry date Example: Month/year Year/month Registration number Batch number Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  10. 10. LABELING REQUIREMENTS Special precautions to be observed in use. - mandatory* - manufacturer’s recommendation Note: Mandatory - Listed in the column “Conditions of use and warnings which must be printed on the label” in Annex III Part 1. Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  11. 11. LABELING REQUIREMENTS ADDITIONAL STATEMENT(S) Mandatory Declaration of ingredients from bovine and/or porcine origin. Example : This product contains ingredient of pork origin / beef origin. Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  12. 12. LABELING REQUIREMENTS Full ingredients listing Standard reference for nomenclature Botanicals and plant extracts genus and species Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  13. 13. LABELING REQUIREMENTS A Quick Guide on 'HOW TO List the Ingredients'  List all ingredients in descending order of concentration.  Ingredients with a concentration below 1% can be listed at random, after other ingredients.  Colorants may be listed in any order, after all the other ingredients. Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  14. 14. INGREDIENT LABELING EXAMPLE Aqua, Cyclomethicone, Mica, Polybutene, Triisostearin, Quarternium-18 Hectorite, Polymethylmethacrylate, Persea Gratissima, Cera Alba, Propylene, Carbonate, Methylparaben, Phenoxyethanol, Propylparaben, Lecithin, BHT, Parfum, [+/- CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 77891] Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  15. 15. NOT REGARDED AS INGREDIENTS… impurities in the raw materials used. subsidiary technical materials used in the preparation but not present in the final product. materials used in strictly necessary quantity as solvents, or as carriers for perfume and aromatic compositions. Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  16. 16. LIST OF STANDARD REFERENCE FOR COSMETIC INGREDIENT NOMENCLATURE 1 International Cosmetic Ingredient Dictionary 2 British Pharmacopoeia 3 United States Pharmacopoeia 4 Chemical Abstract Services 5 Japanese Standard Cosmetic Ingredient 6 Japanese Cosmetic Ingredient Codex Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  17. 17. SMALL / ODD SIZE PACKAGING Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  18. 18. SMALL / ODD SIZE PACKAGING Minimum requirements on immediate packaging name of cosmetic product batch number Other information Display on leaflets, pamphlets, hang tags, display panel, shrink wraps, etc. Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  19. 19. DEFINITIONS Immediate Packaging The container or other form of packaging immediately in contact with the cosmetic product. Outer Packaging The packaging into which is placed the immediate packaging. Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  20. 20. LANGUAGE, WHERE, HOW? All required particulars shall appear in English and/or National Language. Price Control Act requirements Easily legible, clearly comprehensible and indelible On outer packaging, or where there is no outer packaging, on the immediate packaging. Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  21. 21. Mfg / Expiry Date Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  22. 22. RELABELING : GUIDELINES SCOPE RELABELING - Involves removal, alteration, replacement or overstickering of original label without opening of the immediate packaging or tampering with the contents. Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  23. 23. COMPANY’S RESPONSIBILITIES Premise/ Re-labeling Area Must be of reasonable size. Must be clean and free from any pests. Personnel Trained and able to conduct re-labeling exercise as directed. Good personal hygiene Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  24. 24. COMPANY’S RESPONSIBILITIES Process Appropriate re-labeling procedures. Appropriate segregation and line clearance system. Systematic documentation*. Use appropriate equipment and necessary items for re-labeling exercise. Cosmetics Seminar 2001
  25. 25. LABELING REQUIREMENTS SUMMARY • • • • • • • • • • Product name and its function Use instructions Country of Manufacture The name and address of the company or person responsible for putting the product on the market The content (weight or volume) Manufacturing date or expiry date Registration number Batch Number Full ingredient listing Any additional statements Cosmetics Seminar 2001