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2014 06 13 you tube audio test1 copy

  1. 1. An Enlightened Approach to Leadership and Management Development Catherine M.E. Osborne, MBA, GDM, PMgr, PMP
  2. 2. Optimum Productivity Employee Engagement Positive Human Energy Emotional Intelligence THOUGHTS BEHAVIOUR S FEELINGS
  3. 3.  We can assess our personal energy flow through our feelings.  Feelings such as happiness and optimism can be linked to a positive energy flow, and feelings such as anger and frustration can be linked to a negative energy flow.  We can control our feelings with our thoughts.  It is through our thought process that we choose how to behave.  The measurable result of a person’s energy flow is reflected by one’s choice of behaviour.
  4. 4.  Must respect the science  Creates a self-supporting environment  Applies a TQM methodology to workplace ethics  Clearly demonstrates Corporate’s commitment to workplace health and safety. . WHY?
  5. 5.  Time for trust and vocabulary to develop  Convenient, simple, transparent  Systematic development of EQ in leaders  Checks clarity of goals and objectives WHY?
  6. 6.  Employees at all level can be heard without fear  Proactive approach to workplace behaviour  Benchmarking for behaviour performance WHY?
  7. 7.  Managing in knowledge-based organizations characterized by complexity, ambiguity, and chaos.  Managing in an increasingly interdependent relationship between the organization and its workforce.  Leadership development requires huge time and financial resources. WHY?
  8. 8. Catherine M.E. Osborne, MBA, GDM, PMgr, PMP