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03 elaine conul presentation

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03 elaine conul presentation

  2. 2. BACKGROUND• First year students at third level education facesignificant challenges in adapting to a newinformation environment• Designed an information literacy programme anumber of years ago to be used in our localschool• Aimed at 2ndyear and 5thyear• 1 double class
  3. 3. IN THE PAST …• Delivered by two members ofstaff• Content needed more thanone session, however,teachers were not in aposition to give up class time
  4. 4. TO DESIGN A NEW PROGRAMME• What were others doing?• What time of year suits us best?• What school should we approach?• What contact has NUI Maynooth already madewith schools – could we tie in with that?
  5. 5. WHAT ARE OTHERS DOING?• Universities are getting involved with schools• Discussed at recent conference – schools coming intothe Library• One Library gave all participants a reader ticket to theirlibrary
  6. 6. HOW WE DID IT?• Fortunate to have a person on work experience during thesummer• Looked at what others were doing• Designed a working outline including content for eachsession and a proposal to present to a school• Our programme was designed to go out to the school todeliver the programme• Designed and delivered by two members of staff• One was a Senior Library Assistant who co-ordinates the library training team and hasbeen delivering training sessions for over ten years. The other a qualified librarian andsecond level teacher who has been delivering training sessions both as a SubjectLibrarian and as a member of the library training team
  7. 7. OUR PROPOSALThe proposed NUI Maynooth transition year Information Literacy programmeis intended to be delivered to transition year students byNUI Maynooth library staff in a classroom setting over a fiveweek time period possibly commencing in October 2012. Closely alignedwith the objectives of NUI Maynooth library’s strategic goals “to contributeto social, economic and cultural development at local, regional, nationaland international level by providing an inclusive library and informationservice” and “to further develop the library’s role in learning and teachingto support a quality teaching environment and learning experience”, theprogramme aims to expose transition year studentsto the skills and techniques of information literacyto support them in their future transition touniversity or the world of work. As such the programmegoals include preparing transition year students for experiences withinformation use beyond the classroom, towards continuing education, self-development and lifelong learning.
  8. 8. MOVING FORWARD• Met with Assistant Registrar of NUI Maynooth todiscuss – really valuable meeting• Tips• Gave details of schools in the surrounding area• Alerted us to think about where there was more thanone school in the area – how/should you select one?• Approaching a school• Look to meet with the Principal
  9. 9. AGREED ON A SCHOOLWHAT’S NEXT?• Meet the principal and deputy principals• Discuss the proposal• Why we felt in a position to offer it• Explained about LIST (our Library & Information Skills Programme),the feedback, the numbers• Background on the two people delivering thesession
  10. 10. PRIOR TO MEETING THE SCHOOL• Well prepared –knew what weneeded to ensure wedelivered a beneficialprogramme• Know what washappening elsewhere• Detailed lesson plans
  11. 11. OVERVIEW OF PROGRAMME• Session One: Preparing for your Assignment• Session Two: Accessing Resources & SocialMedia• Session Three: Evaluation of Resources• Session Four: Using Information• Session Five: Visit NUI Maynooth Library
  12. 12. WHAT WORKED WHEN DELIVERING THESESSIONS?• Lots of involvement• Group and individual work• Brave move?• Didn’t know the class• Didn’t know if they would engage• Really surprised at their participation
  13. 13. ENGAGING WITH GAMES/HANDS ONSearchingvResearching
  14. 14. EXPLAINING TOPICS• Boolean Logic – stand up if you have brown hair, stayup if you have brown hair and blue eyes, stay standing ifyou have brown hair, blue eyes and not wearing a watch• They could visually see searches change as the search optionschanged• Avoiding Plagiarism – find current topics or music theycan relate to, have to look it up themselves and tell youwhy – discuss in class• Trusting what they find – White house website, look itup for themselves – CRAP checklist, Currency,Reliability, Accuracy, Purpose
  15. 15. EVALUATING LEARNING• Who wants to be Information Literate?• Brought prizesInformation Literate
  16. 16. THE UNEXPECTED• Three classes of transition years• Had to deliver to all (each session required 3 double classesdelivered 3 times)• Changed content between classes• Amend content of following sessions the more familiar webecame with the students
  17. 17. THE UNEXPECTED• Each class was different – keeping to timing waschallenging• Teachers asked if they could come and sit inon classes – found the content excellent andwould help with class projects
  18. 18. THE FEEDBACKVery positive feedback from teachers and students – as the programmeprogressed, teachers asked to sit in on sessions and said they would userelevant components in their project workTour of NUI Maynooth Library and campus very positively receivedHighlighted the University’s role in civic engagement and our role inrecruiting students and student retention.Quotes from participants: Very informative and gave me great tips to helpwith school work. I thought I knew everything about the internet, but I dontso everything was new, thanks. I learned new ways of researching todaywhich I will use in the future. Cant wait to go to the LibraryQuote from teacher:The course provided very good active learningtechniques that students could take away and apply directly to their ownlearning.Karen Maye
  19. 19. VISIT TO THE LIBRARY• Very excited• Opportunity toput some of theprops in context• For some theyhad never beeninside a library
  20. 20. Please feel free to contact me should you require further information.Thank you!