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21st century is a technologically revolutionized era. A responsive website will look perfect in all kinds of screen sizes, such as smart phones, tablets and the like. The responsive website will also cater to the customer’s need as the website will fit their screen no matter the screen size. Check out the infographic below to know exactly why you need a responsive website for your business, and steadily grow your enterprise.

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  1. 1. - . ' | to Responsive. ,1 sg 95“ T ‘ L’) __ to 48% of users believe that if the site isn't optimized for mobile devices, it indicates that the business simply doesn't care. How long will an average person try before giving up? Just 60 Seconds. of the users leave the web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Why Shoiild Ynii Swllch In I Resiionsiie Weli llesiun? Key llnmniineiils Ilial Biiinhine , ;= V Q’ In Ilieale I llieal Welisile TO‘: -=. ——:4"(; ’ Navigation Website navigation includes a list of labels to differentiate web pages. Good navigation helps for quick 8 easy movement throughout the website. It should be strategically designed so that anyone can do it. Brand Consistency Company's logo should be designed with proper designs 8 color schemes. Attractive enough for people to recognize and remember your brand. Create a good visual communication. Reading Patterns and SEO Content Some people read a web page the same way they read a book. _ The content on your website should be B“ many pe°pIe Just scan the up—to—date and interesting. web page and go through the main details. _ _ A complementary visual design for the _ , _ content is necessary. Keep the important information on the upper left-hand column. _ Dont place too much text on a page, streamline the content. Relevant keywords added to the HTML-based text for search engines to easily crawl the website. Trust Implement elements that positively resonate with your visitors through your design. Make the website look more welcoming and trustworthy for visitors. A good website design will attract more consumers to do business with your company. AvARvA lVlarketing911 SOURCES https: //www. bopdesign. com/ bop-blog/201 1/09/why-website-design-is-important/ http: //www. internetsociety. org/ globalinternetreportl http: //digita| synopsis. com/ design/ important-good-web-design-impact-peop| e-profits/ http: //designinstruct. com/ roundups/ infographics-learn-responsive-web-design/ DISCLAIMER All 11.11.; N uu. i1;i- . m- lmwil on ilu- In-xl m-«unlit lind .11 iln- inni- L'(*X[llt‘3Iy(Il(’I«IlllI: lIyIl. lI)lIlI}'I(ll . uwmum. om1ii llI'()llil1IIlIlnUl l‘| lUIIlIIJ(I.