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digital - marketing - course - continued - learning

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digital - marketing - course - continued - learning

  1. 1. Introduction The importance of training and career development in one's career is paramount and we at Continued Learning realize just that. Training basically refers to the process of acquiring skill sets that are necessary to deliver a certain job or to get a job in the first place. Our training modules are well defined, the syllabus is custom created and ensured that it matches the industry standards. The course outline is quick paced for the power learners. More importantly we have supportive tools and online access for revisions for those who like to revise in depth. Each and every course has crystal clear defined objectives and our trainers see to it that the objectives are realized. WHO WE ARE Established in 2015, Continued Learning is a new age company which has innovative training techniques and models for career growth. We are a global learning company and we are known for our dedicated approach towards delivery quality training. We aim to bridge the gap between the Campus and the Corporate and ensure that the journey from Campus to Corporate is as smooth as possible. Our team is an extensive team of trainers, administrators, career counsellors and HRs who look after day to day operations and training needs. Our management team is an experienced lot with about 18+ years of Industry experience on various levels. Mob. No. : +91-9850327938 E-mail : info@continued-learning.com URL : www.continued-learning.com
  2. 2. Digital Marketing Career Course with Continued Learning Marketing is always of essence and a critical factor for any business to survive and grow. However, gone are those days of orthodox marketing techniques and welcome to the Digital age of marketing which has become a key essential factor for businesses to grow these days. As the technology revolution proceeds and modern technologies are emerging and evolving, small and medium businesses are doing everything they can to keep up. There are terrific job requirements when it comes to Digital Marketing since many companies realize that paramount importance of Digital Marketing which is also cost-effective and more importantly because it delivers targeted conversion and generates better and bigger revenue model. Continued Learning is the place to go to learn Digital Marketing techniques and get a guaranteed job in this field. We have a strategic vantage point over others since we have vast experience in Digital Marketing ourselves.
  3. 3. With the rapid shift of advertising money getting away from traditional media in a slow and steady pace it is important for marketing professionals to be well-versed in digital marketing fundamentals. Here at Continued Learning, we have created a syllabus that addresses in- depth digital marketing and not just digital marketing but also understanding marketing as a core subject. Our Syllabus is custom catered in such a way that it provides the students with a solid foundation in the key concepts around this constantly changing field. The syllabus not only comprises of subject matter understanding but also case studies and hands-on projects, students will come away with an understanding of successful online marketing strategies, user generated content, search, social media and networks, mobile, and web analytics. The syllabus developed by Continued Learning is exclusively developed by practising Digital Marketing professionals who are well versed with Digital Marketing aspects and are industry leaders. This program is basically suitable for those who wish to: Digital Marketing - Syllabus
  4. 4. Digital Marketing - Syllabus • Want to make a career in Digital Marketing • Want to learn Digital Marketing to enhance their Careers • Business Professionals who want to use Digital Marketing to their Advantage The syllabus is not just academic but rather practice based; which lets the learners play around with professional tools and technologies that are deployed for Digital Marketing (Google Analytics, Simplify 360, HootSuite etc.). More importantly, it is the professional project that we provide with specific targets that lets the learners use their knowledge effectively to drive results through various Digital Media approaches. Digital Marketing Basics The Digital Landscape is moving at a very fast pace and every industry has been affected by the technology overdrive. But hey .. So what the heck is Digital Marketing all about? So this is basically what we teach you here and help you understand the fundamentals of digital marketing and introduces you to the key concepts. More importantly it is essential to understand all the technical Jargon and get familiarized with the words like SEO, PPC, SEM, Analytics etc. What we cover in basics:
  5. 5. Digital Marketing - Syllabus • Overview of Digital Marketing Concepts • Marketing principles • Tech Jargon: CPR, CPM, PPC, CPC,SEO, SEM etc • Understanding various Social channels. Search Engine Optimization You must have always heard about the term SEO and wondered what the heck its all about. SEO stands for Search engine optimization. Yea, Big deal, so what's next? How to do SEO and how does it matter to your business. Basically SEO for any business is fundamental and essential, and SEO helps you position your website or web page in such a way that it can be found by most of the users by search. In this area we will understand What are search engines looking for? How can you build your website in a way that will please both your visitors/customers, as well as Google, Bing, and other search engines? Most importantly, how can SEO help your web presence become more profitable?
  6. 6. Digital Marketing - Syllabus Keywords Research and Analysis While getting results in Digital Marketing, it all depends on a few strings of words and this typically is known as Keywords. However who decides what keywords are important? Keyword research helps you evaluate that. Keyword research is the most important and valuable in the search marketing field. What is important is that Ranking in general depends on how logically you research for your keyword and break your website for that. We focus on how you can evaluate keywords that are apt for a business and also provide a human thought process angle to it. Google Webmaster Tools What are Google Webmaster Tools and how can they help in your quest towards zenith of Digital Marketing. In this topic we will go through Google Web master tools in depth to have your own access that will help you play around with various scenarios. • Introduction to Google Webmaster Tools • Integration of Google Webmaster Tools • Viewing and Understanding Reports • Drilling to Individual Keywords • Optimization Opportunities
  7. 7. Digital Marketing - Syllabus Reports and Managements Understanding Reports is the key factor during Digital Marketing. There are enough tools that help you understand on how to identify the target market and the reach. More importantly how do we know who has clicked through, how many have seen the advertisements, What is the click through rate and what is the like and link percentage. This all helps us derive a firm understanding of what is going along in the User's mindset and helps us take firm decisions about our campaigns. Website Monetization Can you make some serious money with Digital Marketing or your web presence? Sure thing! Why not? In this Digital era it is quite easy to monetize your work online. There are several ways to achieve this. Especially if you are good with Content generation, then you are in Gold value! The various ways to generate revenues online is through: Blog writing, Selling products, Affiliate programs, Conditional Advertising, Ad sales and Contexual ads.
  8. 8. Audience - Whom is it for? As mentioned previously, this course is ideal for literally anyone who wants to learn Digital Marketing. Especially this course is driven towards: • Sales & Marketing Professionals • Entrepreneurs for business growth • Students who want to make a career in Digital Marketing • Experienced professionals who want to switch to Digital Marketing Benefits - Continued Learning • Assignments • Project work / Live Project • A full year's access to Learning Center • 24 x 7 Support • Weekly Reviews • Certification • Job Guarantee! • Group discussions Duration and Fees Fees: 18,000 INR + (Service tax as applicable)Duration and Fees
  9. 9. 100% - Job Guarantee! Become employable, not just certified! That is our motto. One of the most important reasons a student joins a course, is to add value to his career and get a job. And that is exactly what we achieve here at Continued Learning. We ensure that the student is well trained and that he gets a job! At Continued Learning, we believe in strong quality training and practise based approach which helps our students become employable. And we are so confident about what we can deliver that we offer a 100% Job Guarantee with our career courses which we are happy to give out as a registered agreement on stamp paper. Terms as below: • 95% attendance to course necessary • Job Placement within 3 months - post course completion • Guarantee stands void in case candidate rejects an offer.
  10. 10. THANK YOU