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How to Create the Perfect Opt-In Offer

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How to Create the Perfect Opt-In Offer

  1. 1. contentsparks.com How to Create the Perfect Opt-In Offer
  2. 2. contentsparks.com The Opt-In Offer • The entry point of your sales funnel • People first provide contact details • A free product or service • An incentive to give away name and email address
  3. 3. contentsparks.com Electronic Downloads •Some of the easiest products to create •eBooks & Reports •Any downloadable content that solves a clearly defined problem
  4. 4. contentsparks.com Training Courses •Segmented courses •Come with educational aids •Guides the reader step- by-step through the process of solving a problem
  5. 5. contentsparks.com Apps & Free Software • High perceived value • Mobile apps have become very popular • People will use it often
  6. 6. contentsparks.com Free Trials & Consultations • Let prospects try out your service • People get a taste of the value you offer • Limited-time membership, service use or software free trial
  7. 7. contentsparks.com The Elements of a Good Opt-In Offer • Even a free offer must deliver • Needs to be something unique • A limited-time offer to add urgency • Visible everywhere possible
  8. 8. Use our rebrandable, customizable course to teach others how to create their own sales funnel. http://ContentSparks.com/SalesFunnel