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Suspense Marketing: How to Make Customers Desperately Follow Your Brand

  1. SuspenseMarketing: How to Make Customers Desperately Follow Your Brand
  2. • Nearly a decade after The Lord of the Rings hit theaters, Warner Brothers released the first installment of The Hobbit. It was the 15th film to gross over $1 billion worldwide.
  3. • Despite all the hype and marketing, the filmmakers went through extraordinary lengths to hide the film’s antagonist, Smaug. We never saw him on film! ? ? ? ? ?
  4. By using suspense, you can: • Capture audience attention • Build tension • Create anticipation for new products/services •So what does this have to do with content marketing?
  5. To successfully build suspense, you should use an editorial calendar. Only with a long-term plan can you build up future events, products, and services.
  6. • Alluding to something in the future will catch your audience’s attention. Be sure to be unique with each hint, as repetition causes boredom.
  7. • You are in control of your brand’s story and image. Create a narrative that lifts the audience along and keeps them waiting for the next big announcement
  8. • It’s vital to live up to your own hype. If your brand can’t match marketing hype, then future suspense campaigns won’t succeed. Be realistic with your advertising, then exceed expectations! LiveUptoExpectations
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