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Industries That Can Take Advantage of Call Center Services

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The industries that can take advantage of call centers are literally endless. Whether you are in the health care industry, financial services, travel, education or many others, a call center can significantly increase your employee efficiency as well as customer satisfaction. With properly trained call center representatives, you can take away a significant amount of the stress on your in-house employees.

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Industries That Can Take Advantage of Call Center Services

  1. 1. Industries That Can Take Advantage of Call Center Services The Connection
  2. 2. Healthcare Call Center Services • Advanced technology and specialized training ensures unmatched customer service • Trusted by insurance, pharmaceut ical, hospitals, and leading healthcare companies • Take advantage of call center solutions for both day-to-day tasks and crisis management
  3. 3. Retailing and Consumer Products • Provides outsourced multichannel contact center solutions • Great for retailing, catalog, and consumer product companies • Great customer service while increasing sales and decreasing call time
  4. 4. Financial Services • Trusted by many leading Fortune 500 companies • Provide experience, quality, a nd operational efficiencies you need • Lower your customer service costs and improve your quality rates
  5. 5. Travel/Tourism • Handles customer service, reservations, sales, and upsell calls • Increase your sales with social media monitoring and live web chat • Third-party verification is also available
  6. 6. Utilities • Extensive experience providing outsourced contact center solutions • Lower customer service costs, increase sales conversion rates, and improve your first call resolution rates • Handles everything from customer acquisition to technical support
  7. 7. Direct Response Marketing • Professionally trained agents who handle calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year • Works hand-in-hand with many leading direct response television and infomercial clients • Knowledge to convert callers into buyers
  8. 8. Education • Handles lead generation, financial aid and lead qualification with warm transfer calls • Work closely with colleges, universities, a nd financial institutions • Provide exceptional student service results
  9. 9. Political • Optimize your success through a flexible, consultative approach with a focus on quality • Handles political polling, telemarketing, general campaign calling, and much more • Reaching the public through voice, web chat, email, and IVR channels
  10. 10. To Find Out More • Visit http://www.the-connection.com • Or call 800-883-5777 • Other industries available including cable, nonprofit, and rapid response