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Content Marketing for Associations

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Associations have unique and complex marketing challenges but the bottom line is that they all need to maximize their three R's: Member Recruitment, Retention and Revenue.

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Content Marketing for Associations

  1. 1. © COPYRIGHT 2016, COMBLU, INC. 1
  2. 2. © COPYRIGHT 2016, COMBLU, INC. 2 ComBlu has deep expertise in content strategy, influencer marketing, and thought leadership programs. Real value comes from understanding their interdependencies and orchestrating all three to work in concert for greater ROI. Engagement lies at the nexus of conversation, content and community
  3. 3. © COPYRIGHT 2016, COMBLU, INC. 3 We help you develop and operationalize your content strategy. We help you stimulate engagement with your communities and build customer advocacy. We help you craft and tell those stories where they’ll reach the right audiences.
  4. 4. © COPYRIGHT 2016, COMBLU, INC. 4 Connecting the Dots Content Strategy & Editorial Planning • Topic modeling • Roadmaps Pre-personalization • Personas • Content experience journeys • Readiness assessments Content Discovery Optimization • Amplification • Partnerships Organization Transformation • CMO bootcamp • Team alignment • Skills assessment and training
  5. 5. © COPYRIGHT 2016, COMBLU, INC. 5 Building Relationships Community Strategy • Mission • Community evaluation & roadmap • Rules of the road Advocate/Influencer Identification & Engagement • Influencer collaboration • UGC programs • Content amplification Community Management • Engagement ecosystem selection • Best practice execution
  6. 6. © COPYRIGHT 2016, COMBLU, INC. 6 Telling Your Stories • Core Messaging • Story development • Influencer relationship planning and relationship development • Earned media strategy and execution • Content partnership opportunities
  8. 8. © COPYRIGHT 2016, COMBLU, INC. 8 Insights Associations Today have 3 major Pain Points Recruitment: Growing member base. Retention: Providing members value that they can’t garner elsewhere. Revenue: Growing non-dues revenue through conferences, services, content, education, and products. The 3 R’s Recruitment Retention Revenue CONTENT: Right content at right time in right formats.
  9. 9. © COPYRIGHT 2016, COMBLU, INC. 9 ComBlu Process Simple five-step process that leverages over 30 years experience helping organizations create content strategy and thought leadership programs. We help by: • Performing the detailed tasks needed to provide evidence-based insights for strategy development • Minimizing staff time • Delivering detailed execution plan • Creating board communication outlining the approach and detailed expected value
  10. 10. © COPYRIGHT 2016, COMBLU, INC. 10 Topic modeling that uses multiple inputs from listening, influencers, conferences and other sources to uncover trending topics. Audit of existing programs and marketing activities against topic modeling insights and organizational objectives and mission. Strategy creation Messaging refresh 12-month, multi-channel execution plan. ComBlu Process Includes:
  11. 11. © COPYRIGHT 2016, COMBLU, INC. 11 Why ComBlu? Experts in content strategy. An independent, neutral third- party that has no bias or stake in how the budget and resources are allocated. (We don’t make your content; we make your content smarter.) Our staff includes former association executives as well as content strategy experts.
  12. 12. © COPYRIGHT 2016, COMBLU, INC. 12 K:Sales & MarketingAssociation MarketingAssociation Capabilities.pptx 312-649-1687 Twitter.com/ComBlu ComBlu.com ComBlu Lumenatti Blog Kathy Baughman kbaughman@comblu.com Contact us via phone or on the Web: Contact Us Kevin Lynch klynch@comblu.com