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EURoPEan stUDyoFFshoRE WinD FaRM oPERations & MaintEnanCEBEnChMaRks, Costs anD BEst PRaCtiCEs FoR CURREnt anD FUtURE WinD ...
stUDy oBjECtiVEs anD BEnEFitsthe offshore wind industry has seen a dramatic increase in concern over the               thi...
ContEnt1        Management summary                               5.4     key Performance indicators for o&M               ...
study Europe: offshore Wind Farm operations & MaintenanceFaX: +49 (0)30 - 88 43 07 30ContaCt Us           order study now!...
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Offshore Wind Farm Operations and Maintenance

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European Study about Offshore Wind Farm Operations and Maintenance

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Offshore Wind Farm Operations and Maintenance

  1. 1. EURoPEan stUDyoFFshoRE WinD FaRM oPERations & MaintEnanCEBEnChMaRks, Costs anD BEst PRaCtiCEs FoR CURREnt anD FUtURE WinD FaRMs» How well does the industry manage O&M today and at what cost?» What changes in strategy, techniques and control will provide quick gains in O&M performance?» What effects will changes in the industry, technology and service provision have upon O&M requirements and costs?Gain UniQUE insiGhts into:» OPEX and life cycle costs for o≠shore wind farms» Benchmarks for reliability, availability» The best strategies and systems for cost effective operations» Wind farm accessibility and transfer methods» Technical and business impacts on future wind farm O&M performance DVV MEDia GRoUP
  2. 2. stUDy oBjECtiVEs anD BEnEFitsthe offshore wind industry has seen a dramatic increase in concern over the this international study brings together critical information and analysis in onecosts and practicalities of operations and maintenance (o&M). there are strategic clear and digestible report; providing much-needed information on o&M costs,and operational concerns in the market: strategically, projects will find finance practices, cost drivers and the future evolution of o&M. this provides concretemore accessible and affordable if they can demonstrate properly developed information for the first time to the whole offshore wind industry includingo&M policies and costings for their planned wind farms; operationally because policy setters, R&D organisations, investors and manufacturers as well as windpeople need to know what challenges they are likely to face throughout the farm operators and developers.wind farm lifetime. Because of the confidential nature of the source data, some information ishowever, while in broad terms the industry is aware of problems arising from presented as averages, aggregates or in an anonymised fashion. however, thisunforeseen failures or costs, objective data related to costs and performance provides the only comprehensive and coherent opportunity to benchmark o&Mhas been hard to obtain from multiple sites to provide reliable benchmarks for activities, costs and performance against the rest of the industry.o&M performance and practices.this stUDy WiLL BEnEFit:» Offshore wind farm owners maximising long term revenues» Developers planning cost efficient offshore wind farms» Investors forecasting financial returns from wind farms» Policy-makers evaluating efficient long term incentives for offshore wind» Manufacturers developing more reliable components and systems» Transport and access providers evaluating business opportunities» Researchers developing more robust wind farm technology and systemsaBoUt t.a. Cook REsEaRCh & stUDiEsT.A. Cook is a firm focusing on Asset Performance Management with offices in Berlin, T.A. Cook typically works with businesses, suppliers and contractors working withBirmingham, London, Raleigh and Rio de Janeiro. Its skills include consulting, events significant industrial assets. The company has particular expertise in the oil & gas,and research to improve the operational performance of asset-intensive industries petrochemicals, plastics, pharmaceutical, transport, mining and food sectors as wellworldwide. as gas, water and electricity utilities.T.A. Cook Research & Studies delivers unique research tailored to the needs of specific www.tacook.comindustries. Study areas currently include industrial shutdown and turnaroundmanagement, RFID as well as O&M in the offshore wind energy industry.
  3. 3. ContEnt1 Management summary 5.4 key Performance indicators for o&M 5.4.1 KPIs for O&M work preparation and2 German summary scheduling 5.4.2 KPIs for materials and procurement3 Background and objectives 5.4.3 KPIs for the work order process3.1 objectives 5.4.4 KPIs for financial performance3.2 importance and role of o&M for operators, 5.5 offshore o&M organisation developers, financiers and insurers 5.6 Wind farm transfer and access strategies3.3 Methodology and approach 6 trends, opportunities and risks3.4 offshore wind farms – an overview 6.1 Evolution in asset design and manufacturing3.4.1 Existing offshore wind farms3.4.2 Planned offshore wind farms 6.2 technological evolution to improve failure prediction4 Life Cycle Cost of offshore wind power 6.2.1 Gearbox and Bearing4.1 Cost elements 6.2.2 Generators4.1.1 CAPEX for planning and installation 6.2.3 Power Electronics and Electric Controls Study Scope4.1.2 Operations and Maintenance Cost 6.2.4 Rotors and blades 6.2.5 System-Level Fault Detection and Response4.2 Lifetime cost 6.3 Developments in wind farm accessibility4.3 asset reliability impact on oPEX 6.4 Changes in the o&M Market5 o&M in existing offshore wind farms 6.5 o&M Bottlenecks5.1 Wind farm certification and inspection 6.6 Conclusions5.1.1 Drivers for certification and inspections5.1.2 Types of inspection 7 appendices5.2 o&M strategies 7.1 List of figures5.2.1 Major elements of O&M strategies 7.2 List of tables5.2.2 Impact of O&M strategies on wind farm 7.3 References design5.3.1 Reactive (corrective) maintenance5.3.2 Scheduled preventive maintenance5.3.3 Condition based maintenancecuStoMISedINFoRMAtIoN SeRVIceOn request, T.A. Cook can customise your report to meetyour specific needs. Do you want to see how your windfarm compares with the rest of Europe? Do you wantto test your OPEX predictions against current figures?Contact us and we can arrange to create and send you aunique report matching your needs.
  4. 4. study Europe: offshore Wind Farm operations & MaintenanceFaX: +49 (0)30 - 88 43 07 30ContaCt Us order study now! Please inform me about: Expert pool Yes I would like to book a copy of the study at Please invite me to T.A. Cook expert pool for the price of 2,900 EURO plus VAT. Further studies of T.A. Cook Turnarounds I would like to order one company licence at Further research services (Single-client studies) the price of 7,900 EURO plus VAT. Maintenance tailor made! Utilities I am interested in a customised report – please contact me to discuss this. Petrochemical Industry Name, surname Function Department Tel Email Company Industry Street Country Zip-code/city Alternative billing address Date Signature Data Protection Personal data is gathered in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. ContaCt For further information on this study or on T.A. Cook’s Research & Studies group, please contact Mateus Siwek at: Tel.: +49 (0)30 - 88 43 07 0 email: m.siwek@tacook.com | T.A. Cook & Partner Consultants GmbH | Leipziger Platz 2 | 10117 Berlin | Fax: +49 (0)30 - 88 43 07 30 | www.tacook.com