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Symantec Code Signing Certificate Feature and Benefits

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Slide by Slide explanation of features and benefits of Symantec Code Signing Certificate. Know why Thawte is the perfect option to sign the software/application codes and scripts.

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Symantec Code Signing Certificate Feature and Benefits

  1. 1. Symantec Code Signing Certificate
  2. 2. “ One of the Crucial Security Features to Protect and Verify Code & Applications
  3. 3. Why Symantec Code Signing Certificate Symantec Code Signing Certificate is one of the best ways to improve the reputation by conforming with Microsoft Smart Screen Filter, which makes it an error and warning free during download while ensuring users that software is safe to download and use as it’s coming from the original and verified source. Symantec Code Signing Certificate is one of the best tools which helps a software developer by giving ease on keeping the code, software, drivers, files, firmware, scripts, applications and other essential files free from errors and warning in today’s sensitive online security protocols.
  4. 4. Symantec Code Signing Certificate Benefits 1. Secured Applications » Helps by maintaining the integrity of the code and software.
  5. 5. 2. Maximize Revenue » Symantec, one of the globally known names in the security industry, helps in increasing revenue by making it easier to download
  6. 6. 3. Reduce Cost of Maintaining Code » Helps in reducing the maintenance cost as it offers free timestamping
  7. 7. Symantec Code Signing Certificate Features » Easy Software Download & Installation » Severe Authentication » Multiple Platform Support » Time Stamping Supported » Easy Management & Integration » Only Provider
  8. 8. Symantec Code Signing Certificate Benefits 1. Easy Software Download & Installation » It makes it easy to download & install the software by making it free from any warnings at the time of installation or download.
  9. 9. 2. Severe Authentication » Symantec Code Signing Certificate goes under a strict authentication process by KPMG.
  10. 10. 3. Multiple Platform Support » It supports several platforms like mobile application & cloud-based compared to other providers.
  11. 11. 4. Time Stamping Supported » Symantec Code Signing Certificates are time stamp supported, which helps users in verifying that at the time of signature certificate was valid.
  12. 12. 5. Easy Management & Integration » API & Web-based portal integration makes it easy to manage code signing during the development process.
  13. 13. 6. Only Provider » The only provider of code signing for Azure, Qualcomm BREW & Microsoft Windows Mobile
  14. 14. ASSURANCE & AUTHENTICITY Code Signing Certificates offered by Symantec come with a high level of protection and verification process making the code and software easier to download. With the help of a Symantec Code Signing Certificate, you can assure users that your software is from a verified publisher and the integrity of the code is not tampered by digitally proofing it like shrink wrap of any product. It supports all the major platforms including 64-bit kernel mode signing.
  15. 15. Supported Platforms » Android » Linux » iOS » Windows (7,8,10) » Applications of Adobe Air » Mozilla Object Files » Microsoft Software including 32 & 64 Bit (.exe, .msi, .cab, .dll, .ocx) » Kernel Software » XAF Files » Microsoft Silver Light
  16. 16. Why Symantec SSL Certificate? Symantec one of the global leaders in cybersecurity offers innovative products & services for protecting digital information of the smallest mobile device to cloud-based systems. If you’re looking for online security services to protect your data, software, applications or website against online risks, Symantec is the best Certificate Authority to choose.
  17. 17. Thank You Source: https://codesigningstore.com/code-signing/comodo-code-signing-certificate