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Why customers suck at agile - and how can they be helped?

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What is the one secret that is usually behind customers sucking at agile? Read the sad story and get tools for helping.

Karoliina Luoto, Codento
26 August 2015 in Agile Lean 2015 Sofia, Bulgaria.

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Why customers suck at agile - and how can they be helped?

  1. 1. Karoliina Luoto · Alpha 1, 12-12:30 Wed 26 Aug 2015 Why customers suck and what can be done about it? Ale 2015, Paradise Center, Sofia
  2. 2. Karoliina Luoto + Codento Consultant for Agile coaching and consulting Focus: customer work Before: product owner, collaboration strategist, communications specialist Change agent’s right hand Works in actual software development too
  3. 3. Let me tell you A story Karoliina.luoto@codento.com · @totoroki · +358 40 765 8504
  4. 4. Photo: Sam Howzit, Flickr Picture: Malabooboo, Flickr Monsters Inc. Wanted to develop an e-child- scarer Picture: © Disney Pixar
  5. 5. The product manager team had heard about this Scrum thing and wanted to try it out Picture: © Disney Pixar
  6. 6. Photo: Sam Howzit, Flickr Picture: Malabooboo, Flickr A company called Monsters Inc. Wanted to develop an e-child- scarer Picture: © Disney Pixar The project board Was a bit suspicious about agile Picture: © Disney Pixar
  7. 7. Photo: Sam Howzit, Flickr Picture: Malabooboo, Flickr A company called Monsters Inc. Wanted to develop an e-child- scarer Picture: © Disney Pixar But the e-scarer had potential - So they found the money
  8. 8. The brand new Product Owner was super happy about how Scrum seemed ”We don’t need to plan, we’ll just find a team, start developing and see what happens!” Picture: © Disney Pixar
  9. 9. Picture: © Disney Pixar The Development Team Was talented and visionated
  10. 10. Picture: © Disney Pixar The Product Manager Team Worked their arses off
  11. 11. Picture: © Disney Pixar Writing and prioritizing Backlog items
  12. 12. And the team really got Sprint goals completed
  13. 13. And the team really got Sprint goals completed Often Sprint Reviews Were revelations for POs Picture: © Disney Pixar
  14. 14. So this is the kind of product We are building! Seems Excellent! Picture: © Disney Pixar
  15. 15. POs got loads of user feedback And tried to answer it all Picture: © Disney Pixar
  16. 16. Time flied, project board tired When do we get the results? Picture: © Disney Pixar
  17. 17. Picture: © Disney Pixar
  18. 18. The Scrum Team did great But nobody seemed to understan Picture: © Disney Pixar
  19. 19. Finally the PO burnouted It seemed impossible to succee Picture: © Disney Pixar
  20. 20. The project was shut down: ”Agile is not for us” Picture: © Disney Pixar
  21. 21. Monsters returned to The old manual scaring syste Picture: © Disney Pixar
  22. 22. *The dev team w What had gone The team and others were baffled What had gone wrong? The team was baffled What had gone wrong?
  23. 23. So how could the Development Team have helped?
  24. 24. Agile Client Hand-Holder Test for Scrum Masters and Dev Teams 1. Have you had a liftoff (kickoff) for both product vision and methods? Test by: Karoliina Luoto Further reading: Agile Liftoff / Diana Portland 2. Have you asked for project board vision on the value of different features? Vision document? Lean canvas? 3. Do you collect user feedback on the value of features? 6. Have you told the product owner what you feel is worth focusing on? 7. Are you focusing on 20 % solutions that can fulfill 80 % of the need? 8. Are you telling the PO about differently-sized implementation options for items? 4. Are you tracking business value over sprints? 5. Are you asking the PO to test – early and often? 9. Is your Product Owner attending retrospectives?
  25. 25. Tools for Helping the client Picture: © Disney Pixar
  26. 26. Loan poker cards To the project board Photo: karla_k., FlickrPhoto: Karoliina Luoto Value poker for epics in project board Needs somebody to facilitate Aligns Product Owner’s vision with the project board’s Picture: © Disney Pixar
  27. 27. Value feedback From Users Billing or ”How much is this feature worth to you?” ”Will this feature keep you from going to competitor?” Get the feedback to the board Picture: © Disney Pixar
  28. 28. Value burnup chart to keep track Photo: karla_k., FlickrPhoto: Karoliina Luoto Based on project board’s value poker or real value feedback from users Ensures that effort is used on valuable stuff Picture: © Disney Pixar
  29. 29. Alternative plannig poker In planning meetings Photo: karla_k., FlickrPhoto: Karoliina Luoto Play for lightest possible implementation And for the perfect one To help PO see the scale Picture: © Disney Pixar
  30. 30. Default solutions For piloting Modules put up with default settings, code from old projects… Get the PO to pilot the workflows and get feedback After that iterations add value Picture: © Disney Pixar
  31. 31. Open reviews For product understanding Photo: Karoliina Luoto Also project board to reviews Have the end-user feedback at hand for everyone For shared vision and effort discussion Picture: © Disney Pixar
  32. 32. Usually it’s value management And you can help! Picture: © Disney P
  33. 33. The End  www.codento.com www.agileownership.com Karoliina Luoto · @totoroki · +358 40 765 8504