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April 13 Elevating Narrative Writing through Poetry Workshop

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Celebrate National Poetry Month by teaching the elements of poetry to improve and develop narrative writing and meet CCSS in writing and reading. As students learn to write by embedding poetic devices in prose, they also learn to read poetry and other "complex text."

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April 13 Elevating Narrative Writing through Poetry Workshop

  1. 1. 2013 SUPER STRATEGY SATURDAY WORKSHOP:April 13 ELEVATING K-12 NARRATIVE WRITING THROUGH POETRYDonna Loyd, CSWP Associate Director, PresenterCelebrate National Poetry Month with your K-12 students! Reading and writing poetrywith our classes can be the perfect transition from winter doldrums to end-of-schoolcraziness. This three-hour workshop will provide not only fresh ideas for teachingstudents to read and enjoy poetry but will also prepare participants to help theirwriters transfer poetic elements to elevate narrative writing in order to meet importantCommon Core Standards, such as “using concrete words and phrases and sensorydetails to convey experiences and events precisely.”Throughout this interactive workshop, participants will try out strategies to discoverthe “poet” in each of us. A take-home packet of tried-and-true poetry ideas will sparkstudents’ creativity—enhancing both poetry and narrative writing skills—and willprovide lessons to jump-start teaching in the Fall. The workshop will be held 9:00am-noon at AASU University Hall 125. See University map for location: http://www.armstrong.edu/About/visit_aasu/campus_map _________________________(RETAIN TOP HALF OF FORM FOR YOUR RECORDS____________________________ 4/13/13 PO ETRY->NARRATIVE W RITING W ORKSHOP REGISTRATION FORM [PLEASE PRINT ALL INFORMATION]Name _________________________________________ Telephone: ______________________E-mail ________________________________________School __________________________________________ District _________________________Grade Level(s) _____________ Content Area(s) ______________________________________ Mail check, payable to CSW P@ AASU, in the amount of $25 to:Lesley Roessing, Coastal Savannah Writing Project; College of Education; University Hall 250; Armstrong Atlantic State University; 11935 Abercorn Street, Savannah Georgia 31419Direct any questions to: writing.project@armstrong.edu or 912.344.2702; Fax: 912-344-3436Additional and updated information available on Facebook: www.facebook.com/coastalsavwp