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A security regime for VW

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  1. 1. SucceSS StoryVolkswagen dramatically improve process monitoring.Axis network cameras prevent costly delays to passat production. organization: Shanghai-Volkswagen Location: Shanghai, china Industry segment: Industrial Application: Visual verification Axis partners: Seetec and IcS Industrielle Automatisierungs- systeme GmbHMission resultTo ease work and prevent delays in their production Employees save time by not having to physically go toprocess, Shanghai-Volkswagen searched for a reliable the car to re-read the barcode. Volkswagen’s just-verification system to their existing scanner control in-time production process was considerably improved.system. The production of every single car should be The visual verification system is tailor-made for thecontrolled and monitored by a system that matches the existing technical configuration and increases the valueexisting scanner system. of the Network at Volkswagen.SolutionAxis network cameras were installed as part of asystem created by SeeTec and ICS Industrielle Automa-tisierungssysteme. The camera monitors any errors andsends the image of the scanner to an Emergency DataEntry PC. To ensure that all components of the securitysystem work properly, a flexible video managementsoftware was integrated.
  2. 2. www.axis.com 30738/EN/E4/0802Scanner system controls then copies the numbers into a second window frommanufacturing process where data is directly transmitted to the control sys-Since mid May 2000, Shanghai-Volkswagen is manu- tem. In case of inadequate light sources for the camerafacturing the business-version of its “Passat” in a at night, the DCP system automatically turns on lightnewly built factory in Anting, about 50 km out of via the Interbus S I/O.Shanghai. After initial manual material-flow controllingthey implemented a control system for their production. reliable system with videoThis system also handles the orders for just-in-time management softwaresuppliers. The control system is connected to local PC- In order to be able to provide a fully redundant solution,systems supplied by ICS Industrielle Automatisierungs- a self-test routine was incorporated into the system:systeme GmbH in Germany. The Viewpoint software recognizes spelling errors and rejects them. Only after the correct entry the barcodeVolkswagen controls the production process of every will be forwarded. Furthermore, a protocol convertersingle car via a barcode label that is attached to each was installed to allow the transfer of pictures from thevehicle. These barcodes are read by scanners that are camera to the Data Collection Point.installed at certain points along the assembly line. Datais transmitted via the intranet into the control system. Finally there was one vital question left that neededAn error read by a scanner meant that an employee had answering: How to make sure that all componentsto re-read the barcode directly at the respective car and of the system will work reliably? A signal circle washe had to enter the data into a PC. created. In short intervals, the Data Collection Point sends out a signal which travels between all compo-Visualize the error and act remotely nents of the system. Should the signal not be registeredTo ease work and prevent delays in the manufacturing and answered by any of the components within aprogress, SeeTec Industry Monitoring GmbH and ICS determined time frame, this is considered as a warning.Industrielle Automatisierungssysteme GmbH developed The warning either appears as an acoustic message ora visual verification system with an Axis network on the screen.camera as a key element. Once the scanner has read anerror, the reading system “Data Collection Point” (DCP) The installed system is a smart combination of softwaresends a signal to the camera which then automatically and technology. It does not only use existing networkforwards a picture of the barcode label to the capabilities and thereby saves money for the implemen-Emergency Data Entry PC (EDE) via the intranet. The tation of new ones but also saves a considerable amountAxis network camera was equipped with a high focal of time for the employees involved in the productionlens to ensure the complete label is viewed. The imple- process. Thereby it is an important contribution to themented Viewpoint software from SeeTec opens a win- just-in-time production process at Volkswagen.dow on the screen and views the label. An employee©2004-2008 Axis Communications AB. AXIS COMMUNICATIONS, AXIS, ETRAX, ARTPEC and VAPIX are registered trademarks or trademark applications ofAxis AB in various jurisdictions. All other company names and products are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. We reservethe right to introduce modifications without notice.