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Drew Brees and New Orleans: A Tale of 2 Comebacks

Football star Drew Brees moved to New Orleans a decade ago, when it was still reeling from Hurricane Katrina. It was six months after the storm, and he describes it as a ghost town.
"A lot of guys came here in 2006, including myself, as somewhat of castaways," he said. "Many of us did not have many other options."
"We chose New Orleans because we felt like we could do something special down here," he said. He moved to New Orleans with his wife Brittany, and he soon developed a close tie to the city.
Their big comeback together came with Super Bowl XLIV in 2009, when Brees won MVP.
Since then, Brees has not just continued to play, but has also developed a charitable foundation that provides care, education and opportunities for families in New Orleans and beyond. He's raised $22 million for post-Katrina aid for New Orleans.
Read more of his story: http://cnnmon.ie/1fE8Grq

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