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Framing and Reframing - Extending Lives

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Framing and Reframing - Extending Lives

  1. 1. Extending Lives New uses New branding New bakersFraming and Reframing
  2. 2. Everyday problem: Bread has thedisadvantage of having its value based onits lifetime which is anywhere between 1-5 days if fresh and not stored properly.Framing and Reframing
  3. 3. Bread state: CRUSTY BRICK Bread state: Fresh n tasty = Good eatingShatter your bread (with a mallet?) and use as bread Eat it while it’s fresh.crumbs in stuffing or meatballs. Wine spill! Sponge liquid off any liquid with bread.Offer bread crumbs to the birds. Grilled cheese sandwiches crispier with stale bread.Fire-starter anyone? Bread pudding Use a small slice of bread as a coaster. Rub stale baguette with garlic and olive oil & bake.Use your slice of bread as a trivet to protect your Grille stale baguette with toppings of tomatoes,table and counters. basil, onion, olive.Use a slice as a spoon rest. FRENCH TOAST!Play compost baseball. Take old tomatoes and blast Milk toast recipe. Butter the semi-tough baguettethem into space using your brick of a baguette as a slice, cut into squares, put in a bowl, sprinkled withbat. regular sugar on it and then pour hot milk over it.Make a baguette coffee table. Croutons. Dice up bread into ½ inch cubes. Toss withhttp://inhabitat.com/studio-rygaliks-baguette-table- olive oil and seasoning of choice. Toss in mediumuses-old-bread-to-raise-awareness-about-food- heat pan and stir until crispy. Snack on or throw on awaste/ green, leafy salad.At a last resort really toss leftover bread into the Soak up grease on stove top.compost to make new dirt. Prevent grease fires. Put piece in pan while cooking meat to soak up extra grease. Feed the ducks at a local park. New uses extends life of bread
  4. 4. Modern problem:Bread is in the “carbohydrate” category.Carbs have been demonized by many dietregimens and so have white breadsbecause of their high-glycemic rating andlow fiber.Framing and Reframing
  5. 5. Carbohydrates need a fresh face to represent it. A rebranding effort if you will. Many brands like to rebrand with a pretty face of a celebrity. We’ll apply the same method below. “Prettiest breads in the world” http://ow.ly/f73v5 Do you want this?Representing “real”, handmade bread instead ofprocessed slices in media could affect shopper Or this?choices and increase the value.
  6. 6. Modern problem: Most bread consumed in U.S. ishighly processed and not freshly baked. Processedfoods are correlated to inflammatory diseases. Video not showing? Click http://ow.ly/f74MRFraming and Reframing
  7. 7. Give a man a loaf and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to bake and you feed him for a lifetime. –Edited Chinese Proverb Video not showing? http://ow.ly/f74Pd Self-sustainability increases the value of the baker and theperceived value of bread. Also, studies show that cooking for yourself keeps you healthier and, therefore, extending life.