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Extrablatt: The Latest News on Newspaper Digitisation in Europe

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Talk at the Bibliotheca Baltica 2018 Conference, 4-5 October, Rostock, Germany

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Extrablatt: The Latest News on Newspaper Digitisation in Europe

  1. 1. Extrablatt: The Latest News on Newspaper Digitisation in Europe Clemens Neudecker @cneudecker Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Preußischer Kulturbesitz Bibliotheca Baltica | 4-5 October 2018
  2. 2. Contents • Newspaper Digitisation in Germany • Europeana Newspapers • Digital Humanities Newspaper Research
  3. 3. • Newspaper Digitisation in Germany
  4. 4. Germany: Pilot Project & Masterplan • DFG-funded Pilot Project (2013 – 2015) investigating the feasibility of large-scale digitisation of German historical newspapers • Outcomes (unfortunately only in German): – Master Plan & Online Guide – Checklist in-house digitisation vs. Outsourcing – Checklist digitisation from Microfilm vs. Original – Guidelines for cataloguing in the ZDB
  5. 5. Zeitschriftendatenbank (ZDB) • ZDB = database of serial publications • New user interface with novel exploration and visualization features
  6. 6. Germany: A National Newspaper Portal • Due to historical fragmentation (federalism), already digitized newspapers in Germany are spread across dozens of institutions, which is a major burden for users • Solution: – Establish a single access point for digitized newspapers from Germany – Include this with the German Digital Library (DDB) – Reuse results and findings of the pilot project, Europeana Newspapers and others – Starting November 1st 2018, initially for 2 years
  7. 7. Germany: DFG Call for Newspaper Digitisation Projects • DFG Call for Projects: Digitisation of historical newspapers of the German-speaking area – Goals: • Significantly increase the availability of digitized German newspapers - with a special focus on researchers needs – Requirements: • Proposals must be for a thematic cluster of titles • Justification for digitisation has to be on a title level • OCR is a must, a detailed OCR evaluation needs to be included • Entries about planned digitisation in the ZDB catalogue • Presentation must be compatible with DFG-Viewer
  8. 8. Elsewhere in Europe… • UK: In the context of the British Library's Heritage Made Digital programme, a major part involves digitizing 19th century British newspapers and publishing them open access [1] • Sweden: All Swedish daily newspapers from 1734– 1906 will soon be available online, free for everyone to read and download thanks to a donation from the Arcadia research institution [2] • Denmark: Digitization of 32m newspaper pages [3] • Switzerland: Swiss National Library launches common digital newspaper portal with correction facility [4]
  9. 9. • Europeana Newspapers
  10. 10. Europeana Newspapers • Background: – EU Project Europeana Newspapers (2012 – 2015) – TEL Historic Newspaper Browser – 2016: CENL decides to discontinue TEL  – 2017: Finding a new home for 10 TB of newspaper data… • Europeana to the rescue! • Problem: Europeana does not provide full-text search • Problem: Europeana infrastructure, data model & API need significant changes to support the newspapers • Problem: Interdepencies with other content & services  A lot of work!
  11. 11. • Digital Humanities Newspaper Research
  12. 12. Digital Humanities Newspaper Research • Strong (and growing) interest in digitized historical newspapers from the research community • Diverse interests and research questions from the humanities, social sciences, linguistics, computer science • Collaboration with CLARIN.EU and Europeana Research to make newspaper data available • Pilot project with EUDAT
  13. 13. Thank you for your attention! Questions? Clemens Neudecker @cneudecker Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin Preußischer Kulturbesitz Bibliotheca Baltica | 4-5 October 2018